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Tyler Prochnow ?14

Tyler Prochnow

Class Year


Current home

Waco, Texas


Exercise and Sport Science

Current Position

Research assistant and doctorate student at Baylor University

Tyler Prochnow graduated from Carthage in 2014 with a degree in exercise and sport science. Mr. Prochnow went on to receive his master’s in educational leadership in 2015, and is now working on his doctorate in health promotion at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

At Baylor, Mr. Prochnow is a research assistant, and his research revolves around the impact social connections can have on health beliefs and behaviors. 

“I really enjoy the variety of projects I get to work on and the ability to help others through my work.”

Tyler Prochnow, ’14

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“I especially appreciate when I can partner with community organizations like the Boys and Girls Club to help kids locally while providing research-based information to the larger scientific community.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“Carthage provided me the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone and strive to make an impact. Through early internship opportunities and leadership roles, I was able to shape some of the strategies I now use to be a successful researcher.”

How has your liberal arts education benefitted you?

“I think the liberal arts aspect is crucial to a well-rounded experience. Both as a graduate student and a researcher, being able to communicate, lead, and problem solve on the fly has been immensely helpful. When I arrived at Baylor, the project I was tasked with working on was already in its second year out of five. My leadership and communication skills helped me to navigate this environment and helped me effectively move the project forward. During that time, there were many tasks which needed to be completed that required creative solutions in order to build the best program possible.”

Tips for current Carthage students?

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help from professors, staff members, and other students. You have no idea what the connections you make now will do for you down the road.”

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