Marina Adamany ?18

Marina Adamany

Class Year


Current home

Naperville, Illinois


Music and Sociology

Current Position

Sales Advisor at Warby Parker

Marina Adamany graduated from Carthage in 2018 with degrees in music and sociology. In her time at Carthage, Ms. Adamany discovered the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and she decided to take a few classes. She is grateful that she found these classes because they have sparked a lifetime of learning in this subject, as she still reads books relevant to women and gender studies. 

Not only has Ms. Adamany been able to take with her a passion for women and gender studies, but she also has grown as a leader, and applies her communication skills daily. She credits these skills and her growth to Professor Danielle Geary and to the small class sizes and collaboration of different departments that she experienced at Carthage.  

Ms. Adamany works as a sales advisor for Warby Parker in Oakbrook, Illinois. In her position, she provides excellent customer service through great communication, sharing of values, and creating an environment of respectful inclusivity.  

“The women’s and gender studies classes I took gave me a wider world view. I learned to look at things from other people’s perspectives and not just my own.”

Marina Adamany, ’18

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“Warby Parker is very different from most optical shops and our values are very important to me. One of which is to treat others how you wish to be treated. We work to create an inclusive environment for everyone who comes into our store while making the glasses shopping experience fun! Along with selling glasses, Warby Parker is very focused on doing good in the world while still being a for-profit business. I, along with one of my co-workers, am responsible for organizing volunteer events for our store as well as coordinating various donations to different organizations. Warby Parker has a ‘buy one, give one’ program where for every pair of glasses purchased, a pair is distributed to someone in need. The aspect of doing good in the world is what I enjoy most.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“The small class sizes and connections between departments really helped me with my communication skills, which is a huge part of my job.”

How has your liberal arts education benefitted you?

“Being a smaller company, we often deal with problems within our store that don’t really have a ‘correct’ solution. We work as a team to figure out creative and effective solutions.”

Tips for current Carthage students?

“TAKE AS MANY CLASSES AS YOU CAN! These classes ended up being some of my favorite classes at Carthage and if I could take more now I would. Because of many of the books we read, I continue to enjoy and read these types of books, as well as continue to grow my knowledge of women’s and gender studies simply because I’m fascinated with the subject.”

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