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Kevin Steltzriede ?15

Kevin Steltzriede

Class Year


Current home

Pingree Grove, Illinois


Geography and Earth Science

Current Position

GIS Specialist for the City of Naperville Public Works Department

Kevin graduated from Carthage in 2015 with a major in geography and earth science and a minor in geographical information science (GIS). He currently works as a GIS Specialist for the City of Naperville in Naperville, Illinois. 

“As a GIS Specialist for the City of Naperville Public Works Department, each day presents new challenges. The majority of my time is spent analyzing and editing data, creating maps and reports, and supporting public works administration and field staff with technical solutions.”

“Having the opportunity to continually learn new concepts and skills has been enjoyable and valuable.”

Kevin Steltzriede, ’15

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“GIS is constantly advancing. Having the opportunity to continually learn new concepts and skills has been enjoyable and valuable. Being able to leverage GIS capabilities in a municipal setting to inform both policymakers and residents is truly rewarding.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“Carthage helped me with its emphasis on writing skills and being able to communicate effectively. These skills have been invaluable in my career and my courses at Carthage prepared me well.”

How has your liberal arts education benefitted you?

“The liberal arts skills I gained at Carthage prepared me to communicate effectively. Listening, asking questions, and staying curious have proved to be extremely valuable. An ongoing example that I see in my career is coworkers or clients often asking for one type of deliverable or solution, but ultimately wanting something different. Asking the right questions initially to truly understand what someone is looking for makes the entire process better for everyone.”

What Carthage professors played a part in your success and how?

“Each of the professors in the Geoscience Science Department, Professors Wenjie Sun, Joy Mast, Matt Zorn, and Kurt Piepenburg were a major part of my success at Carthage through always keeping me curious in my courses. Each of them was always willing to meet outside of class to answer questions or give advice. Professor Annette Duncan also played a major role in helping me become a better and more confident writer.”

What's your favorite Carthage memory?

“Having the ability to walk down Campus Drive and look out on Lake Michigan at any time was truly amazing (even with the wind and freezing temperatures during winter).”

Tips for current Carthage students?

“Never be afraid to ask a question, whether during class or outside of class. Ask for help if you need it — your professors are always there to help.”

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