This study tour is an opportunity for students to explore the many ways that the past is remembered, recounted, represented, and reimagined. Specifically, this course will offer students a nuanced view of how three cities in Germany — Berlin, Dresden, and Munich — represent and display their complicated histories.

During the course, students will discover the many ways in which stories about Germany’s past are represented through its art, architecture, monuments, and museums. In addition, Carthage students will have the opportunity to meet German students and gain a deeper appreciation for German culture and society. All of these experiences will provide students with a lens to reexamine the complex history of the United States.

Course code and title

MLA 675: Memory, Monuments, and Museums: Material Culture and the Creation of the Past


Berlin, Dresden, and Munich, Germany

Estimated travel dates

Jan. 14-Feb. 1, 2023

Estimated costs