Frank Esposito ?20

Frank Esposito

Class Year


Current home

Madison, Wis.


Athletic Training

Current Position

Minor League Head Athletic Trainer and Athletic Director for the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team

Frank Esposito graduated in 2020 with a degree in athletic training. Advancing well into his career, Mr. Esposito wears many hats in his field. His current position is a minor league athletic trainer for the Florida Complex League Rookie Baseball team (a position he got through an internship set up by his mentor during his senior year at Carthage). He also works for the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Organization to ensure the health and safety of current minor league players, and, during the off-season, he works closely with the low-level Latin American baseball players in the Dominican Republic.

While at Carthage, Mr. Esposito participated in the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Concussion Study as a Clinical Research Assistant. In this role, he was responsible for gathering the data and ensuring the technology was computing properly. He thanks his mentors and Carthage’s connections with the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Concussion Study for setting him up with this opportunity and his post-graduation success.

“Going to a liberal arts school was one of the best things that I could have done. I got a very well-rounded education that I am able to apply to my current job.”

Frank Esposito, 2020

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“I have enjoyed working alongside some of the most talented baseball players in the world. I currently work with low-level minor leaguers, specifically players from Latin America. It is fulfilling to see them develop into world-class athletes and into even better people.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“Carthage’s commitment to mentorship and internships is what really helped me in my career. I was able to complete an internship with the Madison Mallards Baseball team after my first year in the Athletic Training Program. It was an amazing summer, and I had an excellent mentor who, during my senior year, got me in touch with the person that hired me for my current job.”

How has your liberal arts education benefitted you?

“Going to a liberal arts school was one of the best things that I could have done. I got a very well-rounded education that I am able to apply to my current job. I am constantly communicating with different disciplines within my department to help an athlete achieve their performance goals. Learning how to communicate with other professionals and professions is one of the best skills that I learned while I was at Carthage. The continued open dialogue allows for greater visibility and resources to attack a problem from multiple angles.

“Whether it is Nutrition, Mental Performance, Strength and Conditioning, or Athletic Training, all these disciplines work together to help improve the performance of the future of the Toronto Blue Jays.”

Why did you choose Carthage?

“I chose Carthage because I was looking for a small school with a great Athletic Training Program, and Carthage checked both of those boxes. The small class sizes helped me to gain invaluable hands-on experience that I would not have gotten at a different program. It also provided me with more opportunities to get to know my professors and faculty which helped me to build lasting and meaningful relationships with them.”

What opportunities were made possible because of your Carthage experience?

“During my time at Carthage, I was able to be a part of the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Concussion study as a Clinical Research Assistant. I was responsible for the clinical follow-ups on football players that had sustained a concussion, as well as ensuring all of the technology was working properly and gathering all of the proper data. This opportunity only occurred because of the relationship that Carthage has with the Medical College of Wisconsin.”

What's your favorite Carthage memory?

“My favorite memory would be my J-Term Study Tour to Peru. It was my first time traveling out of the country and it was an awesome experience that I will never forget. I was able to make long-lasting friendships and experience the world at the same time.

“This experience shaped me because I visited Latin America and got to understand more about the culture. It was invaluable to me because I now work in the Dominican Republic with 16 to 19-year-old players from all over Latin America. Having that background and understanding allowed me to excel in my current position.”

Tips for current Carthage students?

“A piece of advice I would give to any student at Carthage would be to get to know as many people as you possibly can. Got the extra mile and build relationships with the people you meet.”

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