Bailey Wellen ?21

Bailey Wellen

Class Year


Current home

Chicago, Illinois


Data Science and Computer Science

Current Position

Sustainability, Climate, and Equity Analyst at Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory

A recipient of three scholarships, Bailey Wellen ’21 knew she had to make the most out of college and didn’t let opportunities at Carthage pass her by. She double majored in data science and computer science, traveled to four different countries, participated in the Carthage Philharmonic, and so much more.

Now, Ms. Wellen works as a sustainability, climate, and equity analyst at Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory — a company that provides risk and reputation services to clients by conducting supplier screenings, assessing brand reputation and consumer trust, and identifying opportunities to improve clients’ sustainability practices.

“My team is always supportive when I want to learn a new technology or if I have a new idea to solve a problem.”

Bailey Wellen, ’21

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“I love that Deloitte allows me to try new things — my team is always supportive when I want to learn a new technology or if I have a new idea to solve a problem. I’ve learned a lot with my current team because they give me the space and freedom to try! I’ve had the opportunity to write code and play around with data independently, and then I take what I’ve learned to make the next attempt even better.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“My senior capstone project prepared me best for my career. While most of my courses provided specific and clear instruction on different math and computer science problems, the capstone project was a completely different beast. I had to do independent research, reach out to professors for help, persevere through lots of debugging and messy data, and persuasively present my work to a panel. I do all of these things daily in my job, and I think the independent, open-ended nature of the capstone project prepared me well for the corporate world.”

What opportunities were made possible because of your Carthage experience?

“During college, I took two amazing J-Term trips — one to Austria and Germany in 2019, and another to Tanzania in 2020. I also traveled to Stratford, Canada for the Shakespeare Festival twice.

“I was able to pursue my interests in both the arts and technology. I played in the orchestra and took a fascinating elective studying Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy.’ I don’t know many other schools where I could do such a wide variety of activities in four years!”

What Carthage professors played a part in your success and how?

“I am grateful to so many professors at Carthage — more than I could name. However, I’ll give a quick shoutout to a few: professors Erlan Wheeler and Tom Groleau worked with me on creating my own data science major and advised the Data Science Club. They were hugely influential in allowing me to define my own career path, and their unique and passionate teaching styles strengthened my data science skills.

Professor Perry Kivolowitz connected me to several professional opportunities that gave me a running start on my career. His door was always open for homework help, resume reviews, or professional development questions; and he always pushed me to be a better programmer.

“Professors Michael McShane and Seemee Ali welcomed me into the English Department with open arms and fostered my deep love for literature and encouraged a thoughtful eye to detail.”

What's your favorite Carthage memory?

“My favorite Carthage memories are traveling for J-Term, going to the Shakespeare Festival in Canada, performing in the Carthage Philharmonic, studying at computer science BBQs, and growing in my faith through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I not only learned from these experiences, but I also made life-long friends!”

Tips for current Carthage students?

“If there is anything you are interested in — internships, travel, student organizations — pursue it! Don’t limit yourself to only your major, and don’t worry about doing things that will look ‘best’ on a resume. Take advantage of every opportunity for an interesting class or trip, meal with a professor, or get-together with a friend — you will always learn from those experiences, and they will be memories you cherish!”

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