Cami Christopulos

Class Year



Vernon Hills, Ill.


Marketing, Finance


Educational Studies

Cami Christopulos liked the sense of community she felt when she visited Carthage as a high school student. Now that she is here, Cami is not wasting any time. She is involved in a number of organizations and activities including the National Residence Hall Honorary, the Student Alumni Association, Colleges Against Cancer, Habitat for Humanity, the Honors Council, Velocity Consulting, and Omicron Delta Kappa, the Leadership Honors Society at Carthage. “This society truly recruits the best of the best leaders, and provides opportunities for them to further their involvement on campus,” she says. “The members of ODK truly make an impact through their drive and commitment to a better college community.”

In addition to these organizations, Cami has had an incredible time working at the Brainard Writing Center and in the President’s Office. One of her favorite things about working in the Writing Center is the impact she has been able to have on the students she tutors. “In the sessions, I can truly see students learn from their mistakes and grow as writers. …This prestigious resource on campus has taught me how to work with various learning needs and styles, and provided me with lifelong friendships.”

“The biggest surprise so far is seeing how much I have changed. I gained new academic knowledge, received advice from mentors and advisors, experienced amazing opportunities, and most importantly, made friends for life.”

Cami Christopulos, ’16

Career goal

“I am not quite sure what I would like to do after I graduate. However, in my Introduction to Business class with Victoria Montanaro during my sophomore year, I was intrigued by the career of a training and development specialist. This profession would allow me to combine my creativity through marketing, analytical thinking used in finance, and organizational management obtained through my Educational Studies minor.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“From the first class I had with Lara Christoun during my freshman year, I knew I could ask her not only for help on course work, but also for guidance in other aspects of my life. I love being able to talk with her about items within the educational realm as well as catch up on exciting events in our personal lives. I look forward to working with her in the future and seeing how she impacts the Carthage Education Department with her passion for educating others about English Language Learners. Prof. Joe Wall is not only a phenomenal teacher, but also an advisor and mentor. From obtaining clients for jobs for Velocity Consulting, to providing his executive advice on constructing a research journal for the Carthage Vanguard, Joe has always been there with an open mind and relaxed sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoy having him as an educational advisor and hearing his professional advice about future endeavors. Jean Preston serves as a professor, director, and role model at Carthage. From teaching Western Heritage to Creative Writing, Jean is a wonderful instructor in the realm of writing, which is best exemplified in her directorship of the Brainard Writing Center. Jean works in hiring student tutors to assist fellow students in their writing, and handles issues that arise with clients, scheduling, and professor requests. The tutors know they can turn to Jean for help or advice, and she has proven herself to be everyone’s ‘mom’ in the center through her caring and kindhearted personality. Jean makes the Writing Center the best place to work on campus!”

Favorite class

“My favorite class at Carthage was my Public Speaking class with Kari Duffy. She created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed the students to feel comfortable asking questions, and more importantly, getting up in front of the class to give a speech. Not only were unforgettable, hilarious memories created with my fellow classmates, but the course also taught me how to effectively present an argument in a verbal manner, a quality that is beneficial for any career path.”

Toughest class

“The spring of my sophomore year, I took Financial Accounting with Victoria Montanaro as a requirement for both my marketing and finance majors. There was a lot of material presented in a short amount of time, but Professor Montanaro was always there to provide extra assistance and was open to feedback about the course. Though it took me a while to grasp the concept of accounting, I am thankful for all of Professor Montanaro’s patience and help, and I know my fellow classmates were appreciative as well.”

Opportunities at Carthage

“During my sophomore year at Carthage, I did a lot of work with undergraduate research. I was able to present two research projects during Celebration of Scholars in the spring, both of which dealt with how to further improve the methodologies of the already prestigious Writing Center on campus, of where I am a tutor. Along with this, I had the opportunity to work with fellow Carthaginians in creating the first edition of the Carthage Vanguard, an undergraduate interdisciplinary research journal, which allowed Carthage students to submit their research for publication. I am proud to say that my research was chosen for the inaugural issue of the journal.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“One of my favorite Carthage memories was attending the Carthage Honors outing during my second day on campus. This was the day I got to know some of my good friends, and was able to bond with my roommate. Along with this, I was also challenged mentally and physically while working alongside my future classmates. A favorite memory for me is the Late Night Breakfasts in the Caf before finals. Not only do students get to enjoy great food served by their professors and the administrators of the College, but it is also a time to catch up with friends and relax from the stress of studying for exams. A memorable event on campus was the Relay for Life event held in the spring. During my sophomore year, I was fortunate to have worked on the Colleges Against Cancer committee to help run the event, and seeing its results made an impact on me. I realized that not only were we providing students a great time with entertainment and food, but also educating them on the effects of cancer and showing how the $71,000 we raised for the event will help finish the fight against cancer!”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot on campus in the warmer months is the tables outside of Einstein’s and the library. I love being able to sit outside while catching up with friends, grabbing a bit to eat, and doing homework, all while looking out at the beautiful view of our back yard, Lake Michigan.”

Biggest surprise so far

“The biggest surprise so far is seeing how much I have changed within the past two years of being at Carthage. I gained new academic knowledge, received advice from mentors and advisors, experienced amazing opportunities, and most importantly, made friends for life. All these things have contributed to learning more about myself and seeing that I can make an impact within the classroom, in organizations, and in others’ lives.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“My 8-year-old self would be wondering why I didn’t go to a major university in a warm weather state, which used to be my dream. I realize now, however, that the size of the university does not matter. Rather, it is the personalized education I am receiving and the unique opportunities presented that have make a difference and impacted my entire life. My 8-year-old self would also be wondering why I switched my major from education to marketing and finance. I saw that I could make a difference within the realm of education by still minoring in Education Studies, while also providing myself with a background in various aspects of business that will improve my leadership and management style.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“I think pursuing a double major in marketing and finance opens the door for a myriad of opportunities and career paths. It allows one to combine their creativity skills with analytical thinking to fully understand all aspects of a concept or create a unique approach to solving a problem. I look forward to using knowledge from both of my majors to make an impact on whatever career path I choose.”