Justin Girodat

Justin Girodat

Class Year



Avon, Minn.


Political Science


Women and Gender Studies, Business Administration

Justin Girodat ’24 plays for Carthage’s dominate men’s volleyball team and is an aspiring lawyer. His favorite memory from his time at Carthage is playing in the 2022 National Championship game on the Firebird’s home court and feeling the energy and encouragement that reverberated from the school’s cheers. 

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“I chose Carthage because of the location, community, and success the volleyball program here at Carthage has had.”

Justin Girodat, ’24

Favorite class

“My favorite class so far would have to be Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties because it has allowed me to experience what being a law student is like and how to manage the immense amount of cases you learn about throughout the year.”

Campus involvement

“I am on the men’s volleyball team, which has provided me with many different experiences, like my first trip to New York, which is an entirely different environment from what life is like at Carthage College. Being on a National Championship team also allowed me to experience how much the community here at Carthage cares about our athletics. Specifically, when the National Championship was in Kenosha, there was no better feeling than the cheers we received throughout the match.”

Career goal

“My goal after graduating from Carthage is to apply and attend law school. Once I become a lawyer, I hope to gain experience and eventually become a district attorney.”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot on campus would definitely have to be the Starbucks tables because it is a great spot to get homework done while sipping on the drink of the week at Starbucks. It is also an excellent opportunity to see some of my friends going from class to class.”