Amber Redmond

Amber Redmond

Class Year



White Bear Lake, MN


Psychology and Studio Art

Amber Redmond ’24 is a double major in studio art and psychology. On campus, she works as a gallery assistant for the H. F. Johnson Gallery of Art, where she collaborates with other artists. She also works for the Athletic Department as a student worker for event management. This position has allowed her to work at the 2022 NCAA DIII men’s volleyball national championships. 

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“Growing up, I always thought college wouldn’t be for me and everyone did their own thing, but Carthage is a strong community and everyone wants to see you succeed.”

Amber Redmond, ’24

Why Carthage?

“I chose Carthage for multiple reasons — the small class sizes, how beautiful it is, all the resources offered to students, and how welcoming it felt when I first visited. Also, my first-ever visit to Carthage was in November, so the beautiful fall colors sold me on the spot!”

Faculty mentors

“I wholeheartedly believe I would not be where I am today without the professors I’ve had here at Carthage. The psychology and studio art professors showed me that I am in the right place. The relationships I’ve built have led to so many opportunities for me. The faculty here at Carthage is unmatched.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class so far has been the sophomore seminar for my art major. The class is made up of all the sophomore art majors. My class had eight students, and we became so close throughout the class. It was amazing to build relationships with the rest of my studio art graduating class.”

Toughest class

“My toughest class so far has got to be Research Methods and Statistics for my psychology major. Math has never been my strong suit, so learning to love it and how to use it for what I want to do in life has been a challenge, but I am so happy I have been pushed to learn something that will help me so much post-grad.”

Campus involvement

“I am involved in many organizations on campus! I am the director of graphic design for Carthage Activities Board (CAB), an e-board member of Pi Theta, and a general member of the Horticulture Club and Psi Chi. Being in multiple clubs and organizations has been a great way to put energy toward something that isn’t being graded.”

Career goal

“Nothing is fully set in stone yet, but I would love to open up an art studio to teach classes or work in some community space with children and art. I also plan to go back to school at some point for an art therapy degree.”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot is under the tree right behind Tarble Hall. It is the perfect spot to sit, think, read, study, or do homework.”

Favorite memory

“I have so many favorite moments it’s so hard to choose! One of them has to be going to the Admiral’s hockey game for a bus trip with CAB! Hockey is one of my favorite sports to watch, and it was so fun to go see a game with all my friends.”

Biggest surprise

“I honestly think the biggest surprise so far has been how welcoming and supportive everyone is.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“I think 8-year-old Amber would be excited about what I’m doing in school now. For as long as I can remember, I have been doing art. I also love helping people however I can. I have always been a mediator, and I take pride in people being comfortable coming to me when they wanted to talk.”