Max Grothman

Class Year



Green Bay, Wis.



Max Grothman was drawn to Carthage after meeting with Prof. Yuri Maltsev in the Economics Department. “I realized that the professors at Carthage were very reputable, as well as accommodating to a personal teaching style.” 

When he started at Carthage, he planned to major in economics. He switched to accounting after taking an accounting class and talking to a few professors, who recommended he consider a switch. “Looking back on the decision to switch to accounting, I’d characterize it as the best decision I’ve made at Carthage,” he said.  

One highlight of studying accounting are the professors’ valuable professional experience. “The teachers have the technical knowledge from the industry and are more than willing to help outside of class if a student needs additional help.”

In Max’s final semester at Carthage, he will have the exceptional opportunity to intern with KPMG. The internship is in correlation with the Integrated Masters of Accounting Program that Max will enter into at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “My job title at the internship is Audit Intern, and I will travel throughout the Midwest with an external audit team.”  

Max has also had the opportunity to take two January Term study tours through Carthage. His sophomore year, he participated in Prof. J.J. Shields’ marketing course in Gothenburg, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. “We toured company facilities and met with executives in the Swedish business landscape,” Max said. His junior year, he took an economics study tour with Prof. Maltsev, and traveled to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Caribbean.  

“The professors at Carthage are very reputable, as well as accommodating to a personal teaching style.”

Max Grothman, ’13

Career goal

“To start a financial services corporation.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“Dave Brunn. I have taken three courses with Dave, and he is by far the most devoted teacher that I have had a chance to take a class with. Dave has professional experience in my future field and has a deep knowledge of accounting that transcends even into his everyday life.”

Favorite class

“Private Piano. Even as an accounting major, I have been able to take some fun classes. I have played piano my whole life, and now it is very interesting to get a collegiate piano instruction class. It helps me take my mind off of everything that I do in the business school.”

Campus involvement

 ”Velocity Consulting, Carthage Accounting Association, Finance and Investment Club, Baseball, and Volunteer Income Tax Association.” 

Toughest class

“Individual Taxation and Business Taxation. Tax is difficult. Anyone who tells you otherwise has to be wrong! Our book was about 38,000 pages of testable material.” 

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“At face value, dorm life at Carthage seems like it is just living in a very cramped 10-by-12 room that cramps your lifestyle as well as your physical space. However, living in the dorms gives students an opportunity to create friendships and live in a very unique sense of community.”

Favorite spot on campus

TARC fieldhouse. I definitely will miss Carthage pickup basketball games.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“Definitely choose accounting as a major. It is the most capable business degree. Any accounting major can become a manager, businessperson, financial analyst, or even go into sales and marketing. However, it is very difficult for those other fields to get into accounting. Even if you’re not sure of what you want to be, but think you want to get into the field of business, accounting would be a great major!”