Abraham Lincoln statue on Carthage College?s campus.
Kiannah Hayes

Kiannah Hayes

Class Year



Wheeling, Illinois


Social Science


Sociology & Secondary Education

At Carthage, Kiannah Hayes ’25 is majoring in social science with minors in sociology and secondary education. She is a recipient of the Black Student Union Scholarship, as well as other scholarships. Kiannah is involved in a variety of clubs, including the Black Student Union, Native American Student Union, and United Women of Color. One of her favorite memories is the 75 Years of Black Excellence Gala. 

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“I chose Carthage College because of the eagerness our professors and staff have to ensure students like me are successful.”

Kiannah Hayes, ’25

Faculty mentors

“Oh yes! The Carthage faculty is so great! I’ve had my fair share of moments where professors blew my mind while speaking or kept me engaged for the whole two hours of a class. These professors showed me what type of educator I wanted to be!”

Favorite class

“My favorite class so far has been African American Religion, taught by Professor Crump. This class was engaging, and the information stuck with me because I was intrigued. I didn’t have to force myself to study; I was so excited about the class that I wanted to learn more.”

Internships or campus employment

“I am an Urban Teacher Preparation student worker. This program allows students in the field to get experience as soon as possible. As a worker, I advocate for the program and help create events while partnering up with schools around the Kenosha and Racine area, but I also attend the urban teacher prep program.”

Career goal

“My goal is to be an educator in the social science fields or get the chance to become an educator in sociology. I want to pursue this goal at the high school I’ve attended, Wheeling High School, or within that same district.”

Favorite memory

“My favorite Carthage memories have to be my trips with the Black Student Union — the 75 Years of Black Excellence Gala and the skating party we had with Parkside. My next best memory also has to be meeting my great friends, Maddie, Aaliseyah, Andrea, and Abby. They have made my Carthage experience so much better, and I’m glad I get to share it with them.”

Advice for other students in your major?

“I’m always here for people doing what they love to do, so don’t just consider my major! Consider many of the others on campus as well. You will be so surprised by what students find interesting. I will say if you’re a person who loves to think, become socially aware, and enjoy finding connections between young students academically, this is the major and minor for you.”