Michelle Gorney ?25

Michelle Gorney

Class Year



Oswego, Illinois



Michelle Gorney ’25 is a recipient of the Merit Scholarship. In addition to participating in activities related to her nursing major, she’s also a member of the Carthage swim team and works as a swim instructor on campus. 

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“I love how the faculty are so easy to reach out to. I love how close people are here with one another. And I love the atmosphere in general.”

Michelle Gorney, ’25

Faculty mentors

“Without the nursing faculty, I would not be doing well in my classes. They are so easy to reach out to with questions.”

Favorite class

“Pathophysiology for the Nursing Practice is my favorite class. In it, I’m able to learn about all the different diseases that someone can get, and that interests me.”

Toughest class

“I think Writing Intensive classes are hard for me because I struggle with writing papers.”

Career goal

“I hope to become a nurse in a hospital. I don’t know exactly what I want to specialize in, but I want to do something with kids.”

Favorite spot on campus

“I enjoy being by the Kissing Rock and taking pictures of the sunrise or the lake.”

Advice for other students in your major?

“Nursing is always a needed profession. Even though the going gets tough, do not stop pushing and keep doing what you love.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“My 8-year-old self would be super proud of me right now.”