Benjamin Gabbey ?25

Benjamin Gabbey

Class Year



Wind Lake, WI



Nursing major Benjamin Gabbey ’25 attended two universities before finding his home at Carthage. He has developed strong relationships with faculty and formed friendships within his major and the swim and dive team

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“I have never felt as welcomed or accepted as I have here.”

Benjamin Gabbey, ’25

Why Carthage?

“Family is important to me; being close to home and having their support has gotten me to where I am today and is why I chose Carthage.”

Faculty mentors

“The faculty not only want you to succeed, but they understand everyone’s path is different. They cater to each student’s exact needs to make sure they can excel throughout their time here and put them on an individual path for success.”

Favorite class

“I have only been here for a semester, but my clinical lab has been my favorite. My instructors have tailored the class to work on making sure each student can fix the things they struggle with, not just the average things we all need to work on. My classmates have become my closest friends; we all work together to succeed as one group, not just individuals.”

Toughest class

“Pathophysiologic Concept of Nursing Practice is definitely challenging. It’s the first class this introduces nursing students to advanced medical terminology. It’s the beginning of understanding how the body works and what to look for when things aren’t working. It covers a lot of content and moves at a very fast pace.”

Career goal

“I plan to enlist in the Air Force and become a para-rescue trooper. After my years of service, I plan to work in an emergency room or trauma department in a hospital.”