Alyssa Rodway ?22

Alyssa Rodway

Class Year


Current home

West Chicago, Illinois


Environmental Science and Psychology

Current Position

Corporate Responsibility Assistant at ALDI

As a corporate responsibility assistant at ALDI, Alyssa Rodway ’22 focuses on deforestation and Scope 3 carbon issues in order to help make ALDI’s supply chains more sustainable. She credits her teachers and Carthage experience to her success at her current position.

“Many of my internships, as well as my current job, were offered to me in part because of my personal connections with my wonderful professors and the rich, extensive classroom opportunities I was able to have.”

Alyssa Rodway, ’22

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“I have enjoyed gaining a corporate perspective on sustainability topics. Broadening my horizon in this way has given me a bigger arsenal of tools to approach large and complex situations. Feeling as though my work has an impact and knowing I have the skills needed to make important decisions has been a huge mindset shift for me, and I feel more prepared to continue in my career.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“Handling a packed schedule and consistently being a cross-departmental student definitely helped me succeed in my current role. The liberal arts education that Carthage provides always encouraged me to ask questions and investigate all sides of a scenario, and it prepared me to do the same in a corporate setting. All of the amazing people I had the privilege to connect with at Carthage and in the surrounding Kenosha area are also a big factor in my success.”

Why did you choose Carthage?

“Honestly, I didn’t know where I wanted to go when college application season approached. I had a cousin who attended Carthage a few years before I did, and that was really all I had to go on. I got accepted into all six schools I applied to, but ultimately, I chose Carthage because of its location and distance from home, the welcoming atmosphere I felt when competing for a scholarship, and my friends from high school who also chose Carthage.”

What opportunities were made possible because of your Carthage experience?

“So many — they are hard to count. I got to conduct my own research and present it at two conferences. Many of my internships, as well as my current job, were offered to me in part because of my personal connections with my wonderful professors and the rich, extensive classroom opportunities I was able to have. I don’t think I would have been able to coordinate a campus-wide sustainability summit at a different college or have such deep and caring relationships with teachers.”

What Carthage professors played a part in your success and how?

“The whole Psychology Department faculty, especially professors Dennis Munk, Kateryna Sylaska, and Nora McLean, as well as professors Tracy Gartner and Matt Zorn. I owe many of my successes to my relationships with these incredible individuals. I would not have my degree without them, and I would never have had the chance to participate in so many meaningful endeavors that ultimately shaped me as a person during my formative undergraduate years. The connections that Carthage brought me are priceless and will last a lifetime.”

What role have the values in Carthage's mission, "Seeking Truth, Building Strength, Inspiring Service — Together" played in your life?

“These values are behind many of the choices I make. Looking back at everything I have done, these were some great guiding principles that have led me in the right direction. I continue to embody these values everywhere I go, and I think they are reflected through my work, my personal life, and the people I keep in my circles.”

What's your favorite Carthage memory?

“Some of my favorite memories include the ‘aha’ moments I had in class, the genuine moments of connection I felt with people on campus, and the friends I made. Something as simple as collecting sea glass by the lake on a sunny day or something as challenging as writing an interdepartmental thesis over two years will always be cherished memories. What I realized once I graduated was that all of the memories I made at Carthage, good and bad, had something to offer me. The four years I spent at Carthage is something I would never trade for the world, and something I will carry with me for a very long time.”

Tips for current Carthage students?

“Take advantage of as many things as you can at Carthage. You will never find another environment with so many resources, incredible people, and the ability to thrive and complete meaningful experiences as supplements to your academic experience. College is not all about always being the best or always succeeding; it is about making mistakes and learning from them. Carthage can offer you the space to make mistakes, and you can learn so much about yourself from how you come back from them. Don’t be afraid to ask, do, or try.”

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