Kasia Kurz

Kasia Kurz

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Brookfield, Wisconsin



Kasia Kurz ’25, a recipient of the Highest Honors Scholarship, is a sociology major at Carthage. In addition to participating in activities within her major, Kasia is able to explore different opportunities in singing. She was a member of the Carthage Treble Choir and participated in the Carthage Christmas Festival.

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“After touring Carthage’s campus for the first time, I knew this was it. I belonged here. The breathtaking campus right on Lake Michigan; friendly staff, professors, and students; and the superior academic program are all great reasons why Carthage was my first choice.”

Kasia Kurz, ’25

Faculty mentors

“Professors and student success advisors at Carthage are proficient, kind, caring, and considerate. They know what they are doing, they do it well, and they care for their students simultaneously. I don’t think I have seen a better display of proper education and amazing student/professor connection anywhere but at Carthage. All my professors have been more than willing to answer all of my questions; they always go out of their way if I need help, and I’ve always shared a lot of laughs with them and other students in their classes. My student success advisor has always been understanding and helpful — I was also an assistant for his class that helped incoming students learn and navigate life at Carthage, and it was so much fun!”

“If I didn’t have the care and connection I did with my professors and my student success advisor throughout my first year and a half at Carthage, I likely would have dropped out. I was stressed out, confused, and exhausted. But with their dedication to my education, I was able to get where I am today. I know what I’m doing, I know what I want to do, and I have a pretty great idea of how to get there because of them. Thank you to my amazing professors and my student success advisor!”

Favorite class

“I can’t name just one — every class has had a huge impact on me in some way. Introduction to Sociology made me realize that sociology is something I am extremely passionate about. In Introduction to Business, I learned how to do a proper presentation, and I enjoyed a lot of laughs among students and my professor. In Creative Writing, I learned how to manage my stress from classes by writing my feelings in a poem. I made the most friends in my language classes and got to learn about different cultures and even some things about my culture I didn’t even know. Every class I have had at Carthage has changed me for the better.”

Toughest class

“Introduction to Business was a healthy challenge for me. It was not originally something I was wholly versed in, but whenever I was confused or didn’t understand something, my professor or fellow students were more than happy to help explain things in greater detail. I think my biggest problem was learning the business lingo; a lot of words didn’t make sense to me at first and reading more about it made the word make even less sense, but I kept finding ways to get better. I’ve learned and retained more information about business than I ever thought I could, which helped me realize that working for a big corporation is something I would love to do.”

Career goal

“After I graduate, I plan to become a human resources manager, project leader, or possibly a developer and/or director for advertisements. Whichever I choose after college, it will be high paying, and I will be doing something I enjoy.”

Favorite spot on campus

“There is a picnic table by The Oaks that has a great view of Lake Michigan. It is a single table on a concrete slab with a fence in front of it, so you don’t fall down the small steep hill it sits near. Whenever I am stressed and need a moment of peace, especially at night when it’s warmer out, I like to go there. I breathe in the breeze, watch the lake, and feel time stand still.”

Favorite memory

“My favorite memory at Carthage was meeting my best friend, roommate, and maid of honor, Zoey. We sat next to each other in an Understandings of Religion class. It was one of my first classes in which I had to write down a lot of information and do tests, so I was very confused. I will never regret asking her to explain what information to write down. Without Zoey, I don’t think I would have done as well in that class. I was afraid to ask for help from the professor and was all around nervous. But she gave me confidence, and I found out that the professors here are really understanding of questions because of her. We have been friends for over a year, and I am lucky to have her as my friend!”

Biggest surprise

“The biggest surprise is my success. I was homeschooled since I was 4 years old, and I didn’t think I could handle college. I didn’t know much about school classes, writing essays, or how to talk to teachers. I was a free-spirited child, always wanting to play and never wanting to learn. To my surprise, my amazing mother secretly prepared me by teaching me everything I needed to know, disguised in games! After I left my comfort zone, I discovered my passion about education, and I always want to learn something new!”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“I think I would be a bit disappointed and very surprised. At the time, I wanted to be a famous singer, but I think I would be proud of myself nonetheless. I know I am now. I don’t think 8-year-old me could have ever imagined our life to be better, happier, or more successful than it is now, and I take pride in that.”