Lisa Perdue

Class Year



Whittier, Calif.


Social Work

Lisa Perdue decided to pursue social work at Carthage because of the hands-on experience guaranteed by small class sizes. “As a student, you are able to develop very strong relationships with your professors, as well as the other students within the major,” she stated. “You go through the social work experience with the same class members by your side throughout your four years at Carthage. This gives you the ability to share what you experience with others who understand what you are going through.”

Lisa is involved in Tau Sigma Chi, a coed fraternity on campus, as well as the women’s swim team. After Carthage, she plans to attend graduate school and use her social work degree to help individuals in Los Angeles county.

“Even to people outside of their usual groups, Carthage students have always been very supportive and encouraging of one another.”

Lisa Perdue, ’15

Career goal

“After Carthage, I would like to attend graduate school and work for the Department of Children and Family Services in Los Angeles County.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

Danielle Geary has made a very strong and lasting impact on my Carthage career. She takes the time to get to know all of her students and helps guide them in determining which career in the social work field they should have. She has shared her own life experiences as a social worker with her classes to give us insight into what we might experience while out in the field. Prof. Geary also takes the time to sit down and help her students plan for their future after Carthage.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class has been the Art of Papermaking. It was a J-Term class I took my freshman year with a bunch of friends. We learned how to make paper and created new forms of art every class period.”

Campus involvement

“I am a member of the Carthage women’s swimming team. I have participated on the team for all four years of college and have made many long-lasting friendships with my teammates. I am also a member of Tau Sigma Chi, a coed fraternity that has also made my time at Carthage full of long-lasting and fun memories.”

Toughest class

Social Work Practice II and III have been challenging. The content learned throughout each class is new and exciting, but there is a lot of work put into each class, such as field placement hours. Field placement hours consist of observing and working at a social work agency that will relate to your future career as a social worker. Managing your time with your other classes and the hours you can attend your field placement may be challenging, but it is always doable.”

Internships or on-campus employment

“I have had an internship with the Kenosha Achievement Center’s early development program as well as Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Kenosha.”

Opportunities at Carthage

“I was able to go on the Nicaragua J-Term study tour after my sophomore year of college. I was able to experience a different way of life and help a community in need.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“Attending the J-Term study tour to Nicaragua was unforgettable. The conference swim meets every year are also very exciting because we train all year and are able to compete with other schools and see all of our hard work pay off.”

Favorite spot on campus

“I love the Student Union. Being able to work on homework, hang out with friends, and grab a bite to eat is always a good time.”

Biggest surprise so far

“The biggest surprise I have experienced at Carthage has been how supportive all of the students are. Even to people outside of their usual groups, Carthage students have always been very supportive and encouraging of one another.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“The 8-year-old Lisa would never have thought to pursue social work. She would’ve thought I’d be in a science field, but she didn’t realize she wasn’t good at science!”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“The social work field may be intimidating at first, but once you start taking the required classes and building relationships with your peers and professors, you realize you will have support throughout your college career.”