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Study Spanish for three weeks in Sámara, Costa Rica, live in a homestay with a Costa Rican family, and visit several national parks on weekends.

In Sámara, you will live in a small village by the Pacific Ocean and stay with a local family with whom you will interact and have breakfast and dinner every day. You will take classes of Spanish for four hours (alternating daily morning and afternoon) and participate in other activities organized by the school, including cooking, dance classes, yoga, and more.

The study tour is geared towards students who wish to learn or practice Spanish at any level. If you had Spanish before, you will take a placement exam and be placed in a small class with no more than six students total, taking Spanish classes with experienced Costa Rican teachers.

Professor Rollet, a Carthage Professor of Spanish who has studied in Sámara at the Intercultura school and who has already led a study tour there, will be on the premises to lead, supervise and guide you. He will meet with you as a class every other day during the week for one hour to discuss your written observations and the reading of our text on the culture of Costa Rica.

Two weekends will be devoted to touring with the group in the country’s national parks.

No Spanish is required prior to coming on this language and cultural study tour, and classes will be offered from beginners to advanced. This course satisfies the Global Heritage general education requirement and the Cultural Legacies and ITL distribution requirements. While you cannot receive credit for a full Carthage language course, up to two credits of conversation can be applied towards the completion of the minor for students who have passed or placed beyond Spanish 2020 before January 2024. A contract will be drafted and signed before departure.

This study tour fulfills the following general education requirements: GH, CL, and ITL.


Course code and title

SPN 675A TP: Spanish Language Immersion in Costa Rica


Sámara, Costa Rica


Prof. Pascal Rollet (modern languages)

Estimated travel dates

Jan. 6-27, 2024

Estimated costs