This course is three full weeks in Spain (May 25-June 15, 2024) with all-inclusive pricing (the course fee of $3,900 includes all transportation, all housing, all meals, and all cultural events), including language and culture classes in Spanish language schools, and a three-week homestay with Spanish families in Madrid and Valencia.

We will enjoy numerous and diverse excursions and students will participate in language exchanges with Spaniards, as well as cultural events (dance lessons, cooking lessons, etc.).

This course is specifically designed as an immersion experience, identical to Study Abroad, for students who want to study Spanish.

This study tour fulfills the HUM education requirement.


Course code and title

MLA 675: Spain: Intensive Language Study


Madrid and Valencia, Spain


Prof. Matt Borden (modern languages)

Estimated travel dates

May 25-June 15, 2024

Estimated costs