Matty Michel

Matty Michel

Class Year



West Plains, Missouri


Computer Science — Game Development Concentration


Studio Art

Matty Michel ’26, a computer science major with a concentration in game development, hopes to work as a game or level designer so that she can be involved in the artistic and coding sides of game development. 

Matty was awarded the Carthage Highest Honors Scholarship and the Robert Todd Grant. The financial aid and scholarships, along with the programs offered, played a big part in her decision to come to Carthage.

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“The professors in the Computer Science Department have really helped me learn and understand coding and everything you can do with it. The courses are challenging but incredibly engaging, and I get a sense of accomplishment with everything I do.”

Matty Michel, ’26

Why Carthage?

“I loved the location and the feel of the campus, and I saw that Carthage offers a variety of really cool game development and computer science courses.”

Faculty mentors

“In my experience with the Computer Science Department and Art Department, faculty members really do care about your success in their classes. Professors’ office hours have really helped me solidify what I learn in class, and the departments are always putting on events to bring everyone together.”

Favorite class

Game Development I has to be my favorite class so far. It was the first experience I’d ever had working with a game engine, so I was always so excited to go to class and learn more about Unity. Getting your game to work and then being able to play it is such a unique and fun experience.”

Toughest class

“Data Structures has probably been the toughest for me. It’s a pretty confusing topic, especially in the beginning. But Computer Science I and II prepared me well for it, and Professor Mark Mahoney does a great job of explaining the material and pushing you in the right direction.”

Campus involvement

“I joined Art Club, Entomology Club, and Horticulture Club my freshman year. I’ve been a bit busy with classes to attend most club meetings this semester, but I had a lot of fun with these clubs last year.”

Favorite spot on campus

“There are a few spots behind the Tarble Residence Hall that have a gorgeous view of the lake. I’ve sat and ate with some friends there several times.”

Biggest surprise

“I thought I would be more homesick than I am, but this is my second year on campus, and I really feel at home here.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“I wanted to be a rockstar when I was eight, so I’m sure I would be just a little disappointed by my current career path. But I think 8-year-old me would think making video games is pretty cool, too.”