This study tour will concentrate on the international legal environment and business in the European Union.

The course will focus on some of Italy’s major cities along with the country’s role in the European Union. The course will also focus on Italy’s history, culture, politics, business, and the legal system that secured its role in the European Union.

The tour will begin in Rome and will conclude in Venice. Additional cities throughout the tour include Vatican City, Perugia, Florence, and Bologna, among others.

The course will satisfy an elective in the management major.

Course code and title

BUS 200T Legal Environment and Business in the European Union




  • Preferred contact: Prof. Michael Phegley (marketing and management)
  • Prof. Margaret Zienkiewicz (management and marketing)

Estimated travel dates

Jan. 11-24, 2025

Estimated costs

$3,850 + optional campus meals

Information sessions

  • 4:10 p.m. Thursday, April 4, Clausen Center 204