French professor Caitlin Quintenz will lead students for two weeks in Paris, where they will study Parisian life while touring the city.

Students will learn about French history and culture through the various places visted, including museums and monuments. They will learn about the main styles of architecture and principal schools of art. They will be taught to observe and reflect upon appropriate public behavior within this cultural context. They will be guided to make observations on the French daily way of life, including conversational styles, food and table manners, use of transportation, and use of public and private spaces, and will make observations of public institutions in comparison to the U.S.

Students with minimal or no knowledge of the language will learn and practice basic greetings and expressions, while more advanced students of French will use their skills to serve as interpreters.

Day trips will be made to nearby sights and students will travel to Lyon, France’s third-largest city and important cultural center, during the second week. There are no prerequisites for this course.

This study tour fulfills the CL and ITL requirements.

Course code and title

MLA 675C-1: J-Term in Paris: A Capital Experience


Paris, France


Estimated travel dates

Jan. 10-27, 2025

Estimated costs

$3,500 + optional campus meals

Information sessions

  • 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, in Lentz Hall 300