Christine Frisch

Class Year



Middleton, Wis.


Public Relations, Communication



Christine Frisch has had two goals for her time at Carthage: to do well in her classes and to get as much out of her college experience as possible. When asked what her favorite moment has been so far at the College, she couldn’t pick just one. She listed everything from move-in day her freshman year, to winning first place with the Red Hots Dance Team in the jazz division of the Chicagoland dance competition, to receiving her sorority bid from Chi Omega and being initiated into Alpha Lambda Delta honors fraternity.

“On my graduation day, I can’t wait to receive my diploma and know that I actually worked really hard and gave my greatest effort to earn my degree,” Christine said. “I think knowing that I got the most out of my education and overall experience at Carthage will be the most satisfying moment of all.”

As a freshman, Christine came in with an undecided major, not unlike many of her classmates, but she soon realized that public relations and communication were perfect for her.

“I have always felt that speaking clearly and politely is crucial in today’s society, as there are so many misconceptions that could be easily avoided with proper communication etiquette,” Christine said. “I would say I’m a fairly personable person and I always want things to look the best and that is what public relations is all about, making whatever you’re representing - whether that’s a client or a company - look appealing to the public eye.”

Christine was drawn to Carthage by its small class sizes and diverse faculty. But she knew that she would be happiest here because she would be able to grow as both a person and a student.

Christine is a member of the Carthage Red Hots dance team, a member of Chi Omega sorority, Alpha Lambda Delta fraternity, and Lambda Pi Eta Communication fraternity, and is an intern in the Office of College Relations - Communication Web Development. She also did a study tour in Nicaragua in J-Term 2010 and studied abroad in Seville, Spain, for a semester as part of her Spanish minor.

“I learned so much during my experience studying abroad and I think I owe a lot of that to living with a host family,” Christine explained. “My host family didn’t speak any English at all, so I was really forced to practice my Spanish all day long. Not only was I practicing Spanish in my home, but I was also taking all of my classes in Spanish as well.

“I learned how to make friends when you know nobody in a country. I had to really put myself out there and just be kind and genuine,” she continued. “I also spent a lot of time journaling and reflecting on my experiences that I was going through, which made me learn a lot about myself.”

During her time in Spain, Christine traveled all over the country and also visited Portugal and Morocco. She says that one of the highlights of her trip was when her host mom let her borrow an authentic flamenco dress to wear to a traditional Spanish flamenco festival.

Christine’s love of Spanish language and culture supplements her double major in public relations and communication.

“Spanish is the language that I have been taking ever since elementary school, so I have really grown a passion for the culture,” she said. “Knowing how to speak a second language is such a plus in today’s world and I hear it can be a deal breaker when applying for jobs. I think Spanish complements my public relations and communication majors very well because it’s a bonus to know how to communicate properly and know popular media in a different culture other than my own.”

“Pay attention and participate in class, take advantage of the one on one help available with your professors, the writing center is your friend, never get discouraged and always challenge yourself.”

Christine Frisch, ’12

Career goal

“After I graduate from Carthage, I want to start working right away. I hope to land a satisfying career working in a public relations firm or in the communications department of a company. I want to be able to apply my proven writing skills and my communication abilities within the workplace. I want to work for a company where I can do meaningful work.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

My favorite professor at Carthage is my advisor, Leonard Schulze. I have never actually had him as a professor at Carthage, but he has been a great mentor for me ever since I declared my majors. He does a really good job at listening and then helping me figure out my tough decisions. He guided me along the process with my summer internship at ABC News in Madison. I interned there the summer of 2010 and I kept in touch with him on a weekly basis, he always gave me great feedback. Also, he helped me make my decision to study abroad for an entire semester. I was very nervous for obvious reasons, like the thought of living in a different country, where the people speak a different language and not knowing anybody. Being out of my comfort zone for a long period of time scared me, but he convinced me that it’s those unique experiences in life when you feel vulnerable that help you grow the most as a person.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class has been Introduction to Visual Communication. It was almost like a basic graphic design class and it ended up being so much fun. I took the class with Jose Montoto and it was just really well taught. All of us students had the freedom to be creative and artistic with our designs. Each project we were assigned was very tedious, but I think that’s why I enjoyed the class so much because after I would finish a project I felt so proud of myself for taking my take and being satisfied with the results.”

Toughest class

“I would have to say my toughest class I have taken at Carthage was Public Speaking. I really don’t mind being in front of others because I have been a performer my whole life, so that wasn’t really the issue. To be honest, I’m not sure what the issue was exactly. I just remember anticipating giving the speech was worse than actually giving the speech for me. So that’s why I always volunteered to go first, to get it over with. I do believe the class is very important to take regardless, especially for public relations and communication majors.”

Favorite spot on campus

“One of my favorite spots on campus would have to be the Mac lab in the JAC. The first time I used the lab was when I have my Introduction to Visual Communication class, which turned out being my favorite class. The Mac lab ended up being like my second home because I spent so much time in there working on projects for class. Ever since then, it has just become my favorite place to do my work whenever I need to get stuff done. It has calming atmosphere and the computers in there have everything I need to do my work properly.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“Advice I would give other students is to try to find a balance. That is probably the best advice I was given before entering college. Just remember it’s not always best to do a thousand things at once. Think quality, not quantity. Also, organization is key. It’s so important to be organized because it will help you keep a clear mind and save you time in the long run. I would also say it’s really important to use your resources. Pay attention and participate in class, take advantage of the one on one help available with your professors, the writing center is your friend, never get discouraged and always challenge yourself. Oh and if you don’t already know this, you will soon learn that less is more.”