Sabrina Moskow

Sabrina Moskow

Class Year



Streamwood, IL




Women’s and Gender Studies, Asian Studies

A recipient of the Modern Language Scholarship, Sabrina Moskow ’24 is a major in Japanese with a minor in Asian studies, and women’s and gender studies.

Sabrina makes sure to take full advantage of everything that Carthage has to offer. She studied abroad in Japan as part of the tuition exchange program with Aoyama Gakuin University, she stays involved on campus as the president of both the Japanese Club and the Pokémon Club, and she works for the Writing Center and Peer Tutoring at Carthage, gaining work experience as an advanced writing fellow and Japanese peer tutor.

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“I chose Carthage because of the Japanese program and the study abroad programs available.”

Sabrina Moskow, ’24

Faculty mentors

“My Japanese teachers and professors, as well as my women’s and gender studies professors, have had a profound and positive impact on my experience at Carthage. They have supported me in struggles both in and outside of the classroom and uplifted and encouraged me in my successes. The professors from those programs are why I am thankful for choosing Carthage.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class at Carthage is a Taiwanese and Korean film class I took for J-Term during my freshman year. I learned significant history that I previously had little knowledge of due to a lack of education related to both places. I also got to play a fascinating historical fiction horror video game for the Taiwan portion of that class.”

Toughest class

“My most challenging class at Carthage was the Human Rights class because of the required memorization and writing. However, despite how tough it was, I learned important information about international law and relations that allowed me to understand various issues in today’s world.”

Golden opportunities

“I recently did a tuition exchange program with Aoyama Gakuin University, during which I lived in Japan and attended the AGU Sagamihara campus for five months. While looking into other colleges and universities before choosing Carthage, I noticed that many others did not guarantee the opportunity to study abroad for a year or semester, so this was a significant aspect for me. It was only a semester, but I joined a basketball club, made countless lifelong friends and connections, climbed Mount Fuji, and was able to improve my Japanese skills greatly while having fun along the way.”

Career goal

“I want to enter the realm of creative media publication or production and have an impact on having more equitable and humane representations of all people within media. I plan on attending graduate school in Japan after Carthage to continue studying gender studies or sociology and further improve my Japanese language skills to possibly work there in the future.”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot on campus is the area at the bottom of the stairs in the Clausen Center, where there are a lot of comfy chairs and a little waterfall. For me, that is where I have gotten some rest and countless assignments done with the peaceful sound of the waterfall in the background. There is also beautiful light that shines through the tall window behind the staircase, which makes the setting even more enjoyable.”

Favorite memory

“Some of my favorite Carthage memories are attending UW Milwaukee’s Japanese Speech and Recitation contests, having late-night conversations with my coworkers (friends) in the Writing Center, taking short trips with friends to go to see movies at the Cinemark Tinseltown theatre, and spending every Sunday playing Pokemon with my friends.”

Best study tip

“Find somewhere on campus where you feel comfortable studying. Sometimes, it can be hard to study in your room, so explore different locations and sitting areas across campus to find what works for you. Also, go to the Writing Center or Peer Tutoring on campus! Tutors are there to help you by discussing different strategies for studying, writing, and other aspects of academic or personal projects and assignments.”

Best tip for making friends

“The best ways to make friends at Carthage are to join clubs, get a job on campus, or just talk and engage with the people in your classes and around you. Sometimes, it takes a while to adjust to college life and find people that you click with, but give it time, and you can find lifelong friendships.”