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Jack Kelley ?25

Jack Kelley

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Jack Kelley ’25, a biology major, has been able to travel to study amphibians and reptiles in Wisconsin with his Carthage classmates. Jack is interested in wildlife ecology and natural resource management, and he hopes to one day work as a field ecologist or as a biologist for a government agency. “Biology is so fascinating to me as it describes how the living world works and what we can do to better protect the living environment,” says Jack.

In addition to studying biology, Jack has a minor in music. He is a member of the Carthage Wind Orchestra, pep band, and the pit orchestra used for musicals. He also traveled to Japan with the Wind Orchestra for J-Term. “Being a musician at Carthage can also take you to fun places on tour!”

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“I chose Carthage because of the great programs that the College offered and, of course, the lake!”

Jack Kelley, ’25

Favorite class

“My favorite class has been Vertebrate Ecology with Professor Angela Dassow. It is such a fun and exciting class. We learned all about amphibians and reptiles and how they function in the environment. We also get to go on many field trips and look for these species in their natural habitats in Wisconsin.”

Toughest class

“Genetics has been my most challenging class so far. There is a lot of material to process. The focus is much more on microbiology, which is not my forte. I prefer the ecological and large-scale environmental elements of biology.”

Campus involvement

“I am one of the co-presidents of the Merely Players improv group, as well as a student conductor for the pep band. Our improv group is full of fantastic and funny people, and we put on multiple improv comedy shows each semester. Pep band is a super fun ensemble that plays tunes at football and basketball games. I’ve always loved being in marching and pep band in high school, and it is so great that Carthage has such a fun pep band to carry on my love for it. Also, you can get paid to be in pep band!”

Golden opportunities

“In January 2024, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Japan on a J-Term trip with the Carthage Wind Orchestra. Having the opportunity to not only travel and experience Japan but also get to play at concert venues is an experience I will never forget. Experiencing the historical sites, food, and culture of another country was such an enriching adventure that will be in my memory for many years to come.”

Favorite spot on campus

“I really enjoy going by the lake behind The Oaks!”

Favorite memory

“Meeting so many amazing people and the band tours that I have been on!”

Best study tip

“When reviewing material, verbalize what you are studying and work through the problem. Don’t just memorize; talk through and rationalize what you are learning.”

Best tip for making friends

“Join a club, sport, or musical/fine arts group!”