Dorah Mangeni

Class Year



Nairobi, Kenya


Computer Science and Accounting

Career goal

“My ideal life after Carthage would be developing applications and systems that will streamline operations, reduce costs, and optimize profits for a socially responsible corporation. The rest will all be felt through the ‘invisible hand.’”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

Professor Lau. She is my advisor and is like a parent. She has always been available and expressed interest in all aspects of my life, of course with limits. She is keen on following up on commitments she makes and is always on the lookout for opportunities that would highlight my strengths. She also understands my concerns from my angle and is always ready to call me out on my complacency. The type of professor she is is all I could ever need in such a competitive world and when you are away from family. I get the best of both worlds with her.”

Favorite class

“If anything about a class’s coursework can keep me hooked up like Sudoku, then it’s any computer science class. If I have to choose one, it has to be Data Structures and Algorithms. Think of exploring what structures the mind uses to store your memories. Then replace the mind with the computer. With a professor like Mark Mahoney, understanding the concepts is easier since he integrates visual drawings in his instruction, which is probably the most powerful tool.”

Campus involvement

“I am a member of Kappa Phi Eta, and I can only summarize it in the statement, ‘when you surround yourself with greatness, then you enhance the greatness that was beneath you.’ These women are doers, thinkers, and believers and they always push you to see the greatness in you. They cry with you, laugh with you, shade you, enjoy the embarrassments with you, and call you out on your oversights — pretty much what you would need from a sister. I am also a member of AMUN, and being able to engage in meaningful conversations concerning countries is like making love to my mind. This has been made possible through the conferences attended as a member.”

Toughest class

“Deadlines on computer science coursework make the classes even tougher. However, it facilitates delivery of the solution. Principles of Computer Science II was probably my toughest class. However, once I understood the concepts, the consequent classes became easier.”

Internships or on-campus employment

“I just had a summer internship in Kenya. It was refreshing to be back home and get a feel of the corporate environment in Kenya. I worked with Equity Group Holdings Limited at the head office. The company had just launched a new product in a monopolistic market. I was part of a team that was instrumental in developing the company’s product pricing strategy and also worked with and advised clients on the benefits of optimizing online banking transactions. Though there are still several miles to go, the future of Kenya seems bright. With the budding of internet and digitization, the launching of great products is yet to begin. My hope is that I will be professionally mature to understand and harness the changes for the benefit of myself and the community.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“Anything about homecoming. It is one of those events that draws happiness from the souls of everyone on campus.”

Favorite spot on campus

“It has to my bed. It’s my second home and is near the lake. For an outdoor spot, the beach is beautiful. You can sing to the waves without any judgment. The white pebbles on the beach add to the beauty too.”

Biggest surprise so far

“The workflows and how everything integrates to ensure that a student is well rounded.The depth of concern for the students by the professors is remarkable. In a place where a classroom capacity is 60-70, it is barely possible to track the progress of every student, which was the case in my high school.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“When I was 8-years-old, I told myself I would love to experience a winter season with the snow and take a snowy picture during Christmas. I guess dreams are valid because I am right at the epitome of snow. It’s not that I had not seen snow, but seeing snow on Mount Kenya and having a full winter season is different. At 8-years-old, the scope of my dreams were limited, but I knew at heart I was yearning for a better life and environment that would enable me to explore my strengths not only for my benefit, but also for my family. She would definitely be proud of this woman right now, but my mother is even more proud.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“Does it excite you? Do you derive pleasure from completing a puzzle-like assignment? Do you love building structures from the start? If the answer to those questions is yes, you should consider a computer science major. Besides, providing the comfort of a potentially better compensation package, you explore as you write code.”