Morgan Shetzer ?25

Morgan Shetzer

Class Year



Fremont, OH


Elementary and Special Education

An elementary and special education major, Morgan Shetzer ’25 is passionate about working with children and shaping their futures. “My goal is to create an inclusive learning environment where I can positively impact the lives of all my students, helping them achieve academic success and personal growth.”

Morgan utilizes the opportunities at Carthage outside of the classroom to grow her knowledge of education and help schools in the local area. As a participant in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program, she studies the well-being and efficacy of in-service special education teachers. She is also a member of Pi Theta, a sorority at Carthage that helps support students in the Kenosha Unified School District.

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“I chose Carthage for its small class sizes, tight-knit community, and boundless opportunities in the Education Department. I felt truly valued from the moment I stepped on campus!”

Morgan Shetzer, ’25

Faculty mentors

“The faculty in the Education Department have supported me in more ways than I could have imagined. Whether it be an academic or personal challenge, my professors have been there for me with open arms and a welcoming smile. It is clear that they value me both as a student and as an individual. The passion my professors have for their work is inspiring, and I am beyond grateful for the influence they’ve had on my life so far.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class so far has been Fostering Engagement and Positive Behavior in the Classroom (Grades K-9). We learned foundational teaching skills, including how to build and maintain relationships with students, how to deescalate behaviors and regulate students’ bodies and minds, the effects of home life stressors on learning, and how to engage students in content and excite them about learning. This class was thoughtfully designed to be taken right before junior block, which is when we begin putting our learnings to use in our clinical field placements. I felt prepared and confident in my clinical placement this past semester thanks to role-playing, meaningful projects, small and whole group discussions, and more from this class. I wholeheartedly enjoyed going to class each week and felt that my peers and Professor Nina Weisling were a second family to me.”

Campus involvement

“I am a member of Pi Theta, one of the six sororities on campus. Through service initiatives like painting pumpkins with nursing home residents, volunteering at the Milwaukee marathon, cheering on Special Olympics athletes, and packaging meals at Feed My Starving Children, Pi Theta embodies the spirit of giving back. In addition to this, our philanthropy is the Kenosha Unified School District, which has given me amazing learning experiences as an elementary and special education major. Through Pi Theta, I’ve found a sense of purpose and fulfillment that extends far beyond the college campus.”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot on campus is definitely Starbucks in the Hedberg Library! A couple days a week, I get a drink and snack to boost my energy during the day and do homework with friends at large group tables. It’s a fun way to be productive while also socializing and fueling my body. I can also head downstairs for independent studying or walk across the street to enjoy the sunshine and views of the lake. The Starbucks is in a central location, so no matter where I am on campus, it’s just a short walk!”

Favorite memory

“Many of my favorite memories are with my Pi Theta sisters. This year for formal, we stayed in a hotel in downtown Lake Geneva and had one of the most memorable nights of the year! Our other dances, service experiences, spontaneous adventures, and laid back nights together will all be lifelong memories for me.”

“As for academics, my middle school junior block experiences are ones to remember. I made deep connections with my sixth grade students and loved supporting and watching them grow. I gained valuable teaching experience and reassured my desire to become a teacher!”

Best study tip

“Remember to take breaks! It is easy to get caught up in your to-do list, but without breaks and self-care, you will exhaust yourself and hinder your learning. For me, I found it useful to set a time in the evening to shut my laptop and be done for the night. In addition to this, I try to allocate one full day of the weekend for myself, my friends, and any personal matters I didn’t get to during the week. This has helped me keep my motivation up throughout the semester while still having adequate time for myself and my friends.”

Best tip for making friends

“You will hear it a million times your first few weeks of college, but the best way to make friends is to get involved! Join clubs, chat with classmates before class, invite your peers to lunch or dinner, plan a fun night with your roommate, and do whatever else makes you happy! Be kind and accepting of everyone you meet, and the right people will gravitate towards you.”

Biggest surprise

“The biggest surprise to me was how much my professors genuinely care about me. At the beginning of last semester, I was especially stressed because of a class I wasn’t enjoying. Professor Jun Wang could see the stress on my face and asked me to chat after class. We talked through potential solutions, and she ultimately helped me switch into a class that would fulfill the same requirements but be much more enjoyable for me. All the professors in the Education Department put their heart and soul into helping their students succeed, both in their academic and personal lives.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“My eight-year-old self would be ecstatic! I had such a positive and memorable K-12 experience, and I attribute this to the teachers I had along the way. I cannot wait to create similar positive experiences for my future students! Growing up, I had a million ideas of what I wanted to do, including being a veterinarian, pilot, and author. It was difficult for me to make a decision, but once I chose elementary and special education, I was sure I made the right choice. My eight-year-old self would be so proud of me!”