Noelle Jay

Class Year



Arlington Heights, Illinois


Music Theatre



Noelle Jay came to Carthage for two reasons: The small class sizes, and opportunities to grow as a performer and a person.

As a student, Noelle is majoring in music with an emphasis on music theatre, with hopes of having a performance career and one day opening her own dance studio.

“Any major in the fine arts is rewarding,” Noelle said. “Doing something you love and are so passionate about can be scary because of the unknown, but you have to remember to trust yourself and know that a life in the arts will be one of your greatest joys. Being a music theatre major has helped me in so many different areas in my life. Take a chance and do what you love.”

“Carthage has given me so much. I know I will succeed because of the things I’ve learned here.”

Noelle Jay, ’19

Career goal

“I hope to have a performance career and eventually open my own dance studio.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“Having Elena Batman as a voice teacher has been a blessing in my life. After every lesson, I feel like I have grown as a performer and a musician. Her knowledge of the voice is incredible and I feel like I am learning so much. I am grateful that I get to work with her. I feel my voice getting stronger and I am also growing as a person. She has changed me for the better.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class at Carthage is Movement for Singers. In this dance class, we learn choreography to Broadway songs and perfect our technique. The energy in the room is fantastic, and I always look forward to going to this class. I definitely work up a sweat, but I leave feeling accomplished.”

Campus involvement

“I am in the Carthage Treble Choir.”

Toughest class

“My toughest class at Carthage was Music Theory (MUS 1010). I never studied music theory while I was in high school and the concepts were very new to me. Even though this class was difficult, I feel like I have a better understanding of music in general and it helped me become a better performer.”

Opportunities at Carthage

“I was accepted into the Open Jar Institute in New York for the summer of 2016. This week-long music theatre intensive taught me so much about the industry and I got to learn from actors and choreographers on Broadway! I also traveled to China with the Music Theatre Program and toured the country with ‘Seussical’ and a cabaret we created. Both of the experiences were incredible and I am so thankful that Carthage offers opportunities like this!”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“My favorite memory was opening night of the J-Term musical ‘Young Frankenstein’ in 2016. The excitement backstage was electric and we put on a great performance. Getting to work with that group of people was amazing and I will never forget the feeling I had that night!”

Favorite spot on campus

“My favorite spot on campus is the dance studio. I always feel at home there and I can really be creative in that space. I love going to the studio on my own and working on my technique or choreographing a piece. It’s a great space to be the truest version of yourself.”

Biggest surprise so far

“The biggest surprise for me was how much one-on-one time I would get with my professors. I have a great relationship with all of my professors and I know I am learning so much from them!”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“My 8-year-old self would be impressed that I’m majoring in music theatre. I was very shy when I was little, and theatre helped me break out of my shell. I think my 8-year-old self would be proud.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“Always be present. Live in the moment and learn everything you can. Don’t waste a moment. Ask questions and challenge yourself. Also, it’s never too late at night to go to a practice room!”