Zach Schoonaert

Class Year



Plover, Wisconsin


International Political Economy


Political Science, Spanish

“IPE is a very well-rounded major that draws from a variety of fields. The major presents a worldview that is not myopic. It accepts that there are multiple lenses in which to see the world.”

Zach Schoonaert, ’20

Career goal

“I hope to find a fulfilling job that I enjoy related to my area of study.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“My favorite professor is Eric Pullin in the history department. He taught my class in a way that was super fun yet engaging. You could tell that he cared about the subject material and made sure that we learned new things that we otherwise wouldn’t have thought about.”

Favorite class

“History of India, taught by Professor Pullin. Going in to the class, I was not expecting the class to be as interesting as it was. I did not expect to care much about what was covered in the course, but I came out of the class with a newfound perspective and unique knowledge. I think my experience with the class represents the strengths of a liberal arts education, since it gave me expertise in an area that I was not expecting to be interested in.”

Campus involvement

“I am a member of the baseball team at Carthage. In addition, I am also a member of Model United Nations, the law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta, and bowling club.”

Toughest class

“I think that the first Spanish class that I took in college was my toughest class because I did not take a Spanish class the year before so I had to get back into the habit of speaking the language. I also thought that the course was much more demanding than the Spanish courses I took in high school.”

Internships or on-campus employment

“I do not have an internship, but I do have a work-study job in the Athletic Communications Department. I help run the Carthage athletics website and I help with stat keeping at Carthage sporting events. It is a job that I am proud of and I look forward to being able to continue working there for the rest of my career at Carthage.”

Opportunities at Carthage

“I am looking forward to my California Sports Journalism class in June 2019. I am a big baseball fan and it relates to my job in the Athletic Communications office, so I thought that it would be a great experience for me.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“I think more than any of the big moments, the best memories are made from all of the little things that happen during your time here. More than anything, I will remember things like waking up to see sunrises on the lake, playing pick-up basketball on the weekends, and lazy Sundays hanging out with friends the most.”

Favorite spot on campus

“Our baseball field is one of the nicest amateur fields that I have seen in my life and it is the best field that I have ever played on.”

Biggest surprise so far

“I did not think that I would make so much progress as a baseball player. I have gotten so much stronger physically over the past two years that I think I have surprised my coaches as well.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“I think that my 8-year-old self would be happy with where I am now. I don’t think my 8-year-old self would have expected that I would be here, but I don’t know where else I would expect to be instead.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“IPE is a very well-rounded major that draws from a variety of fields. The major presents a worldview that is not myopic. It accepts that there are multiple lenses in which to see the world.”

“I think that people considering IPE shouldn’t worry about deciding on a major so early. Carthage makes you take a well-rounded education path, so it can help to feel around a little bit for your interests before making a decision.”

Why Carthage?

“I chose Carthage for its liberal arts focus, small class sizes, the opportunity to play baseball, and its beautiful campus.”