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Rosemary Ehle 24

Rosemary Ehle

Class Year



Two Rivers, Wis.


Accounting, Finance



Rosemary Ehle ’24 makes the most of her Carthage experience both academically and through extracurriculars. Her campus job, J-Term study tour, and Ultimate Frisbee Club have given her the new experiences she wanted, too! By receiving an academic excellence scholarship, she knows that Carthage values her studiousness and determination to work hard in school.

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“The professors here are extremely friendly and will do anything they can to help you. They want you to succeed as much as you do.”

Rosemary Ehle, ’24

Why Carthage?

“My passion is traveling. My goal in life is to experience as much of the world as I can. When I learned about the J-Term study tours here at Carthage, I knew it was something I could not pass up. The opportunities to travel during J-Term showed me that Carthage was where I was meant to be.”

Faculty mentors

Professor Matt Borden truly helped me succeed in my Advanced Spanish class. I was very nervous placing so high early on, but after my first week of class, I knew I could do it. Prof. Borden checked up on me after the first week to see how I was doing and to let me know that I was definitely going to succeed in his class and in my future of learning Spanish.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class so far at Carthage has been Ethics in Business and Life. Each week, we had a presenter from a different field discuss the ethics in their careers and how they overcome dilemmas within their daily lives. I really enjoy discussion-based classes, and this one forced me to reflect on my ethical morals and how I would overcome certain dilemmas.”

Toughest class

“The toughest class I have taken so far is Interpreting Written Texts in the Spanish language. This class was intellectually stimulating and helped me improve my Spanish skills immensely.”

Campus involvement

“I am involved in the Honors Program, Concert Band, CURE club, Velocity Consulting, and Ultimate Frisbee Club. I am a busy and outgoing person. My entire life I have been involved in various activities, and naturally, this has carried into college. It was important for me to get involved right away as it helps to make new friends and it begins the journey of networking and putting my name out there for future careers and employers. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of each club as each one has a purpose in my life and is a part of who I am.”

Internships or campus employment

“I have a job in the Division of Student Affairs, which helps me build great office skills as well as entry-level job experience that will help me in many aspects of my future life and career.”

Favorite spot on campus

“My roommate and I were fortunate to get a dorm room with a beautiful view of the lake. My favorite spot is simply sitting on the end of my bed with the windows open listening to the waves and feeling the breeze. The sunrise is even better.”

Favorite memory

“I loved getting to know new people and becoming friends with them. My favorite memories have been created while being on the frisbee team. It is a great group of people, and we have a blast as most of us are learning about something we’ve never done before.”

Biggest surprise

“The biggest surprise so far has been joining the Ultimate Frisbee Club. It is something I have never done before, and I wanted to try it out. It surprised my how much I love it! I have the best teammates and have made great friends because of joining. I am able to stay active and have so much fun while doing it.”