Nina Alfano ?24

Nina Alfano

Class Year



Kenosha, Wisconsin



Nina Alfano ’24 chose to attend Carthage because her high school principal went here. She is very involved on campus, having accepted an invitation to Alpha Lambda Delta and the Black Student Union. She also received the Mary Lou Mahone Scholarship, which has helped her pursuit of a bachelor’s degree within sociology

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“Sociology is amazing, and I’ve learned so much information that connects to my other courses that have been useful. I’m learning about our world and how everyone can be equal with equity.”

Nina Alfano, ’24

Faculty mentors

“Career specialist Sarah Gorke is amazing. Anytime I need to chat or help to make a decision, she is my go-to. I am so glad we met, and I advise anyone to have a chat with her.”

Favorite class

“My favorite class was Intellectual Foundations. I withdrew from my first course because I didn’t feel a connection between my teacher and me, nor the class. My new professor made me look at Greek mythology and intellects very differently, and I used the information and books in other classes as well. It was an amazing experience to see the outcome I got from a different professor.”

Career goal

“I’m not exactly sure what career I would like, but I hope to find a career where I’m happy and can use my knowledge to better communities and the world.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“She’d be happy and waiting for me to reach my full potential as usual. I’ve always loved helping others and learning about people.”