Helen Marchant

Class Year



Sunbury-on-Thames, United Kingdom


Graphic Design


Photography, Sociology

Helen Marchant ’24 came to Carthage from the United Kingdom. For her, Carthage had everything she was looking for in a college — with it’s focus on liberal arts, resources for undecided students, and the many extracurriculars available.

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“I have found that the help from upperclassmen in the Communication and Digital Media Department has been strong, and I have met professors in that department who will help me with any challenges I may go through.”

Helen Marchant, ’24

Faculty mentors

“It has been very beneficial to have the ability to talk with professors one-on-one. Building relationships with my professors has even produced a difference in my grades! And building relationships with my professors will become helpful for networking in the future.”

Favorite class

“I have taken multiple art-photography classes. I would say Color Photography with Professor Brennan Probst has been my favorite. I loved how I could turn each assignment into something of my own interest. It was a great class to learn how to critique art and learn from other classmates’ interpretations.”

Toughest class

Math and science aren’t my strongest subjects. So Elementry Statistics with Professor Sally Groleau was the toughest class for me. There was a lot of the content to remember, but I appreciated the structure of her class, and she was a great professor.”

Campus involvement

“I am rushing to be a member of the oldest co-ed fraternity, Tau Sigma Chi. I am part of the Pinky Swear Ambassadors Club, and I am an active member of the women’s swim and dive team.”

Golden opportunities

“Here at Carthage, there has been an effort to involve students in many different interests. I have found myself either preparing for my swimming season or involving myself in art competitions and social media contests. I even placed in a semi-final of a ‘Sunset Photography compositions’ which was an unexpected success.”

Career goal

“After my time here at Carthage, I look forward to gaining experience working in the field of graphic design with a marketing aspect. Using my network to gain clients with a business interest is the niche of my brand.”

Favorite spot on campus

“I can’t believe how stunning the view of Lake Michigan is. I love that my floor in Madrigrano Hall has a great lookout past the volleyball court to the beach and lake. When it’s warm, the beach volleyball court is a fun spot to be with friends.”

Biggest surprise

“I felt a great sense of independence when I said goodbye to my parents to come to Carthage. And being able to be involved in anything you want while staying successful in school has surprised me. If you really focus on what your goal is, it will become a reality.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“When I was eight, my teachers would tell me that an arts-focused career was too limited, and they discouraged me from going into that path. But I continued to follow my interest in art because I’ve always enjoyed drawing and creating. So my eight-year-old self would be very proud of the fact that I am still pursuing an arts-focused career.”