Alison Lange

Class Year



Stoughton, Wis.



Alison Lange ’15 graduated from high school with a class of 22 students, so she knew that she wanted to attend a college that offered small classes sizes and a lot of individual attention. Carthage proved to be the perfect fit. At Carthage she is majoring in history and plans to add a screen media major.

“I grew up working in my parents’ movie theater and have developed a strong interest in screen media of all sorts,” she said. 

One of Alison’s favorite things about studying history at Carthage is the close-knit department. “I have been treated to a pizza outing by Prof. Udry, served pizza and soda during final presentations by Prof. Noer, and Prof. Mitchellinvited us over to her house and taught us how to make a traditional Mexican breakfast,” Alison said. “Professors want to help you learn, and they love to have fun themselves, so they try to make classes fun for the students.”

For Alison’s History of Mexico course with Prof. Stephanie Mitchell, she got to play a game that mimicked the Mexican Revolution and included assassinations, bribery, and battles. “The information we learned really stuck with me because I had to use it to survive the game,” she said.  

Alison still hasn’t decided on a specific career for after graduation, but she knows that with her history major, she will be well prepared. “It is formatted to give you critical thinking and analytical skills that are useful in any trade you choose to pursue,” she said. The liberal arts education that Carthage offers is also setting her up for a great future. “I have been able to experiment with different subjects and have learned a great deal about things that I never knew I had an interest in.”  

“I have been able to experiment with different subjects and have learned a great deal about things that I never knew I had an interest in.”

Alison Lange, ’15

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“My favorite professor has to be Prof. Mitchell. She is amazing. I only had her for one class, but so far I learned so much and she made the topic interesting and fun.” 

Campus involvement

“Last year I was in Handbell Choir and InterVaristy Christian Fellowship, and also pledged forSigma Alpha Chi. I am now an active member of this sorority and am also a clarinetist in theCarthage Pep Band and Concert Band. I am also part of the Honors Program here at Carthage and work in the Interdisciplinary Studies office.”

Toughest class

“My toughest class so far was Principles of Microeconomics. I know it sounds like it should have been easy, but my brain is not meant to work with economics. It’s wired for history and the humanities. Even so, I was still able to learn a lot.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“There have been so many great moments here at Carthage. It’s so hard to pick just one! If I had to, though, I would have to say it was when I was able to attend a grassroots speech given by Vice President Joe Biden. I was able to get the ticket for free through Carthage, and it was such a memorable event. I have yet to fully determine my political standing, and so I merely went because it was a unique experience. I ended up getting to be near the podium, and when it was over, I got to shake his hand.’”

Favorite spot on campus

“The hallway that connects Hedberg Library with the Johnson Art Center. It’s not much, but I love using it to go between the two buildings quickly during the winter.” 

Biggest surprise so far

The biggest surprise about Carthage so far has got to be the amount of contact the student body has with the administration, specifically President Woodward and his wife. I have had the privilege of meeting and talking with President Woodward on a variety of occasions. I first met him at a Pep Band game when he and his wife joined us and played saxophone and french horn. On a later occasion, my visiting mother and I had the chance to eat a tailgating lunch with him. I find it beneficial that our President and his wife are in so much contact with the student body that they can take the time to talk with us and recognize us. I originally had never expected to come into contact with our President until my graduation day. I am glad that I was wrong.”  

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“Introduce yourself to the professors. The professors will help you, and it will be so beneficial knowing who they are. They want to get to know you, so taking the time to know these professors is a great idea. They know so much and are more than happy to share that knowledge with their students. They are also some of the nicest people you will meet, so I suggest you just start up a conversation with them.”