Brooke Schleehauf

Class Year



Algonquin, Ill.


History, Communication


Public Relations

Growing up, Brooke Schleehauf loved reading historical fiction. Her high school history teachers encouraged her to continue studying history in college. “I had been worried that a degree in history wouldn’t be marketable,” she admits, “but as a history major, I’ve gained a wide skill set that will be useful in a variety of jobs.”

She chose Carthage because of the small class sizes. “I knew that I wanted a small school for my undergraduate studies so that I could participate in discussions and get to know my professors,” she says. Back then, she wanted to become a journalist. Out of all the colleges she searched, she liked Carthage’s newspaper, The Current, the most.

As a double major in history and communication, Brooke likes the flexibility and assistance she has received from her professors. “The departments have been very accommodating so far to help me manage both majors and begin to choose a thesis topic that will fulfill both history and communication requirements,” she says. “Friends at other schools are always astounded that I am able to complete two majors and a minor in four years, but it wouldn’t be possible without the help of the professors.” 

Brooke also had the exceptional opportunity in Fall 2012 to work with Prof. Julian Hendrix for a presentation during Hedberg Library’s 10th anniversary celebration. The presentation focused on medieval libraries. “I had the opportunity to research the history of the British Library and some of its illuminated manuscript collections, and I presented with Dr. Hendrix,” she says.

Brooke plans to attend graduate school. With her interest in writing, she hopes her future career will include that in it. “My professors at Carthage have helped me to grow both as a student and as a writer,” she says.

“I knew that I wanted a small school for my undergraduate studies so that I could participate in discussions and get to know my professors.”

Brooke Schleehauf, ’14

Career goal

“I plan to continue my education in graduate school.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

John Leazer. I’ve taken a class with him almost every semester I’ve been at Carthage, and I never get tired of his classes. His lectures are always interesting, and I feel comfortable stopping by his office whether for advice or just to say hello. Also, the majority of his classes have begun with a speech about Harry Potter, which is always a plus!” 

Favorite class

“19th Century American History taught by Prof. Eric Pullin. American history is my favorite area of concentration, and Dr. Pullin’s class has a really fun atmosphere. The course gave me new perspectives on topics I thought I knew well.”

Campus involvement

“I am the web editor and a reporter for The Current, Carthage’s student-run newspaper. I am also involved in Phi Alpha ThetaGEAR (Gender Equality Alliance Realized)Active Minds and Pi Delta Chi.”

Toughest class

“Digital Cinema Production with Paul Chilsen. It is a requirement for communication majors, but I have never had any interest in making movies, so I wasn’t very enthused going into the class. There is a lot of material to retain to make sure that your film will turn out right, which was difficult to get a handle on. However, once the semester progressed, I began to really enjoy the editing component of film-making.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“My favorite moments include traveling to Orlando and Chicago for an annual college journalism conference that editorial staff of The Current (Carthage’s student newspaper) attends. It’s a great opportunity to learn skills not taught at Carthage and to bond with the staff. I also loved former President F. Gregory Campbell’s lecture after the Spring 2012 Phi Alpha Theta initiation. He brought in one of his old, written-in and well-studied books for reference and told us, ‘Your books will become part of your saga.’”

Favorite spot on campus

“The basement of the library. I get the most work done there, and I love being surrounded by the stacks of books.” 

Biggest surprise so far

“It is always, always windy next to Lake Michigan!”  

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“Keep an open mind and don’t discount a class because the topic doesn’t seem particularly interesting. I did not believe that I would enjoy Asian history, but Dr. Steve Udry’s Issues in Asian History course has been one of my favorites, because he was so engaging as an instructor that I couldn’t help but be enthralled by the material. Also, visit the Writing Center. No matter how many times you proof-read your essays, having a fresh set of eyes look over it is never a bad idea.”