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Physics & Astronomy

Student Voices

Michael Moen ’16


Coon Rapids, Minn.


Mathematics, Physics


Computer Science

Favorite spot on campus

“I really enjoy the lake and walking along it.” 

Since arriving at Carthage, Michael Moen has been impressed with the amount of opportunities — research and otherwise — that exist for undergraduates.

During his very first summer as a Carthage student, Michael was selected to participate in Carthage’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, or SURE. SURE pairs students with faculty mentors for a summer of full-time research on campus. Michael studied harmonic nine-cossing knots with mathematics professor Aaron Trautwein

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Carthage, Michael plans to continue doing research in graduate school.

Career goal

“I want to go to grad school and continue pursuing as many research options as I can.” 

Favorite professor

Aaron Trautwein.” 

Favorite class

“Real Analysis.” (MTH 3120, studying fundamental concepts of analysis, limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration.)

Toughest class

“Real Analysis.” 

Opportunities at Carthage

“I was a SURE student in the summer of 2013, a math tutor, and a physics supplemental instructor (SI).” 

Campus involvement

“I am part of the Society of Physics Students, Math Club, and Magic The Gathering Club.” 

Favorite moments at Carthage

“I like it when J-Term rolls around and you get to walk to class in the freezing cold.” A Minnesota native, he says, “It makes me feel at home.” 

Biggest surprise so far?

“The amount of opportunities I have been given has been surprising. I never thought I would get to do research right after my freshman year.” 

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“I would have thought that what I was doing is so awesome, and I would have been super excited.” 

Advice for other students considering your major

“Try to take Calculus before you get to Carthage. It will help you immensely your first year.” 


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