Corianna Anderson

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Biology, Women’s and Gender Studies

Corianna Anderson ’10, plans to attend medical school, become a doctor and specialize in obstetrics. When she graduates this spring with an undergraduate degree in chemistry — and minors in biology and women and gender studies — she will have achieved the first step toward achieving her goal.

“A former chemistry student drew me to the Chemistry Department here,” Corianna says. “When my mom and I were visiting the school my junior year (of high school), a student saw us wandering the halls and stopped to ask what I was interested in.”

She knew she was going to major in chemistry — a subject that has fascinated her since freshman year in high school. So she told him.

“When he found out I was interested in chemistry, he asked if we wanted to take a tour of the Instrumental Lab,” Corianna remembers. “He took us around the lab and explained the different instruments and what they were used for. This simple act of kindness to a future student made me realize I wanted to be a part of a community like this.”

At Carthage, Corianna is a member of Chemistry Club, Pre-Health Club, Theta Chi Delta, and Beta Beta Beta. She has served as secretary of Theta Chi Delta, and the secretary and president of Pre-Health Club. She has been a member of the Carthage Treble Choir all four years, and was an orientation leader. She’s also served as a laboratory assistant since her sophomore year, and is a supplemental instructor for CHEM 101 and 102.

In June 2008, she traveled to Nicaragua for a J-Term class (some J-Term trips are offered during the summer months). While in Nicaragua, she volunteered in medical clinics, observed doctors, treated patients under their supervision, and essentially tried out her future career.

In another J-Term class, Working Women, she learned about issues facing women in the workforce and developed life skills including handling financial investments and mortgages.

“I have also been able to form relationships with many of the professors in the Chemistry and Biology departments,” she says, and adds that she’s gained research experience as well.  “I did research at the Medical College of Wisconsin in a genetics department during the summer before my junior year at Carthage,” she says. “My project was on Proteus Syndrome. We were investigating different gene inhibitors in order to slow the growth of the tumors that were a result of this syndrome.”

“Dr. Blaine is my favorite professor in the department. … Over these past 3.5 years, she has been someone who has inspired, pressured and comforted me in this time of continuous change in my life.”

Corianna Anderson, ’10

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“Dr. Blaine is my favorite professor in the department. The enthusiasm and knowledge that she brings into the classroom keeps the students engaged and interested in the subject. Although she expects a great deal out of her students, the pressure she has put on me has pushed me to become the student I am today. As a freshman in her CHEM 102 class fall semester, she pulled me aside to make an advising appointment (before I was her advisee). Her desire to get to know students both professionally and personally makes her easy to approach with school questions or personal advice. Over these past 3.5 years, she has been someone who has inspired, pressured and comforted me in this time of continuous change in my life.”

Favorite class

“Anatomy has been my favorite class overall at Carthage. In the Chemistry Department, Analytical Chemistry has been my favorite class. Although it is very time-consuming and the labs are difficult, the skills that I learned in that class will help me in the future.”

Toughest class


Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“I love participating in Christmas Festival, the feelings of accomplishment and joy after each performance. Football games with friends.”

Favorite spot on campus

“The chemistry hallway of Straz.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“If you are looking for a small and supportive department with lots of faculty contact, this is the school for you. If you are looking for a place to blend in and compete against fellow students, this is not the school for you. I would also recommend taking CHEM 102 in the fall of your freshman year.”