Mark Snavely

  • Professor of Mathematics
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    Straz Center 292

    Professor Mark Snavely is interested in research in the field of dynamical systems. His paper “Markov Partitions for the Two-Dimensional Torus,” presented at the Conference and Workshop in Ergodic Theory and Symbolic Dynamics at the University of Washington, was published in Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. Prof. Snavely is very active in undergraduate research, particularly in the areas of discrete mathematics and mathematical modeling. He is working to integrate mathematical software packages and mathematical modeling into the curriculum and teaches mathematics courses at introductory and upper levels.

    Prof. Snavely’s contributions to general education at Carthage have included teaching in the Heritage program and leading the team of faculty who developed the interdisciplinary natural science course Discovery. He has served as Chair of the Wisconsin Section of the Mathematical Association of America, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Wisconsin Section. He was named the 2003-2004 Carthage Distinguished Teacher of the Year.

    Prof. Snavely earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in mathematics at Northwestern University, and his B.S. in mathematics and computer systems from Grove City College. He joined the Carthage faculty in 1990.

    • Ph.D., M.A. — Mathematics, Northwestern University
    • B.S. — Mathematics and Computer Systems, Grove City College
    • MTH 1030 Applied Mathematics
    • MTH 1040 Principles of Modern Mathematics
    • MTH 1050 Elementary Statistics
    • MTH 1060 Finite Mathematics
    • MTH 1070 Functions, Graphs and Analysis
    • MTH 1120 Calculus I
    • MTH 1130 Calculus II
    • MTH 1240 Discrete Structures
    • MTH 200T Topics in Mathematics
    • MTH 2220 Differential Equations
    • MTH 2130 Mathematics of Actuarial Science
    • MTH 3030 Theory of Probability
    • MTH 3120 Real Analysis
    • MTH 3220 Complex Variables
    • MTH 400T Topics in Mathematics
    • MTH 4300 Senior Research in Mathematics
    • MTH 4900 Research in Mathematics
    • MTH 4990 Senior Thesis Completion

    Prof. Snavely has a productive undergraduate research program in discrete dynamical systems and mathematical modeling. Recent project have studied the dynamics of train layouts, pollution in ecosystems, and polyominoes.