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Thomas Carr

  • Senior Scientific Advisor, Dinosaur Discovery Museum; Director, Carthage Institute of Paleontology; Associate Professor of Biology
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    Straz Center 92

    Thomas Carr’s research interests include the integration of ontogenic and phylogenetic data in paleontology, phylogeny and historical biogeography of Laurasian dinosaurs, and the craniofacial anatomy of archosaurs.

    He has named four new dinosaur species in peer-reviewed publications such as Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. He has also published on the life appearance of tyrannosaurs, their growth, and evolutionary relationships. He trains students in the research methods of recovering growth series of extinct animals, which forms the basis of their senior thesis. 

    Prof. Carr has appeared in the National Geographic Channel documentaries “T. rex Walks Again” and “Dinosaurs Decoded” that featured his scholarship and fieldwork on T. rex. He has written articles for popular publications such as Rotunda and Dinosaur World. He is currently working on a book-length monograph on T. rex growth. His degrees are Ph.D. Vertebrate Paleontology, Department of Zoology, University of Toronto; M.Sc. University of Toronto; B.A. York University (York, Ontario).

    Prof. Carr joined the Carthage faculty in 2004.

    • Ph.D. — Vertebrate Paleontology, Department of Zoology, University of Toronto
    • M.Sc. — University of Toronto
    • B.A. — York University (York, Ontario)
    • BIO 1010 Concepts in Biology
    • BIO 1040 Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • BIO 1100 Biodiversity and Evolution
    • BIO 1120 Organisms, Populations, and Systems
    • BIO 200D01 The Problem of A L I E N (extraterrestrial) Biology
    • BIO 200C Human Evolution
    • BIO 2330 Field Techniques of Vertebrate Paleontology
    • BIO 2010 Anatomy & Physiology for the Health Profession I
    • BIO 3330 Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates
    • BIO 4120 Senior Seminar in Biology
    • BIO 400C Dinosaur Evolution and Extinction

    Professor Carr’s research interests include:

    • The integration of ontogenic and phylogenetic data in paleontology
    • Phylogeny and historical biogeography of Laurasian dinosaurs
    • The craniofacial anatomy of archosaurs