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Charles Hayes

  • Gospel Music Specialist
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    Mr. Hayes, Carthage’s Gospel Music Specialist, is music director at University Church in Chicago’s Hyde Park. A Chicago native, Mr. Hayes recently returned to Chicago from Baltimore. He holds a bachelor of music degree from Cornell College of Iowa and a master of arts degree from the University of Iowa. He completed post-graduate work at Roosevelt University and the Catholic University of America, and has completed studies in conducting, contemporary voice training (Somatic Voicework), and accompanying.

    An experienced conductor and coach/accompanist, Mr. Hayes has served as music minister at churches in urban settings for nearly three decades. He has accompanied traditional choirs, gospel choirs, and music theatre productions. He has served as music director for the Greater Chicago Opera Guild, Municipal Opera Company of Baltimore Inc., and Classic Act Choral Ensemble of Chicago.

    Mr. Hayes directed the gospel choir at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago for seven years, and is experienced leading gospel choirs in the Lutheran tradition with members of all ages and experiences. He is committed to sharing his gift of music to spread God’s love and to inspire others.