Melanie Nyhof

  • Associate Professor of Psychological Science
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    Lentz Hall 217

    Professor Melanie Nyhof is a developmental psychologist who conducts cross-cultural developmental research examining the development of religious and cultural concepts. She teaches courses in developmental psychology and cultural psychology as well as research methods and statistics.

    Professor Nyhof has conducted research among different religious and cultural groups in the United States, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Brazil, and China, examining understanding of illness causation, personhood, God concepts, afterlife beliefs, knowledge, and religion.

    Professor Nyhof joined the Department of Psychological Science at Carthage College in 2020. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and has held teaching and research positions at Northwestern College, Indiana University South Bend, University of Oxford, and Fuller School of Graduate Studies.

    Outside of academia, Professor Nyhof enjoys walking along Lake Michigan, exploring new places and foods, and creating and experiencing art in its various forms.

    • Ph.D. — Psychology, University of Pittsburgh
    • M.S. — University of Pittsburgh
    • B.A. — St. Olaf College
    • PYC 1500 Introduction to Psychological Science
    • PYC 2010 Research Methods and Statistics 1
    • PYC 2850 Child and Adolescent Development
    • PYC 3850 Adult Development and Aging
    • PYC 4150 Cultural Psychology
    • PYC 4800 Thesis in Psychological Science

    Prof. Nyhof’s research interests include: culture and cognitive development, supernatural agent concepts, the development of children’s understanding of death and afterlife, ritual, and religion and coping.