Isabel Rivero-Vila

  • Associate Professor of Modern Languages
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    Lentz Hall 219

    Associate Professor Isabel Rivero-Vilá has taught Spanish and French since 2004 as an associate professor at Carthage. Before coming to Carthage she taught French and Spanish at several institutions in France and Spain and at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca and at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

    She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in French education (Universidad de Burgos, Spain). She earned her master’s degree from the Université de Caen-Basse-Normandie (France) and did her doctoral research at the Université de Paris 13. She holds a Ph.D (Doctor Europeus) in Francophone cultures and multimedia from the Universidad de Salamanca (Spain), for which she obtained the Extraordinary Award.

    Her thesis, “L’interculturel à travers le multimédia dans l’enseignement du français-langue étrangère,” provides a method with activities that she developed to teach intercultural aspects of the Francophone world and its representation in Francophone movies for French learners. Her thesis is published and can be accessed online. Read Prof. Rivero-Vilá’s thesis

    In France, she filmed an interactive documentary, “5 mois à Nantes, ville vivante,” that she uses in her classes and that is currently used for teaching French in many different countries. This interactive documentary is available online. Watch Prof. Rivero-Vilá’s documentary

    At Carthage, Prof. Rivero-Vilá has developed a successful connection between Carthage and the Universidad de Salamanca, where she selects the Spanish Target Language Experts.

    Prof. Rivero-Vilá actively promotes international events at Carthage with the organization of the Tournées Film Festival and the first West African Film Festival.

    She is a filmmaker as well as a college professor, working with award-winning African filmmakers and is co-producing a short fiction film in Senegal. Her next project will be a feature film documentary in Senegal.

    • Ph.D. — Modern French Language and Culture and Second Language Acquisition, Universite de Paris 13 and Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
    • A.B.D. — French Linguistics and Literature, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
    • M.A. — French Linguistics and Literature — Universidad de Salamanca, Spain and Universite de Caen-Basse, France
    • B.A. — French Education, Universidad de Burgos, Spain
    • Spanish 1010 Elementary Spanish I
    • Spanish 1020 Elementary Spanish II
    • Spanish 2010 Intermediate Spanish I
    • Spanish 2020 Intermediate Spanish II
    • Spanish 3010 Advanced Spanish I
    • Spanish 3030 Spanish Conversation
    • Spanish 3040 Spanish Composition
    • Spanish 3080 Spanish Speaking World: Social, Political, and Economics
    • Spanish 3090 Spanish Speaking World: Cultural and Intellectual Life
    • Spanish 3110 Interpreting Written Texts
    • Spanish Intensive Workshop for the Master of Business, Design and Innovation French Courses
    • French 2010 Intermediate French I
    • French 2020 Intermediate French II
    • French 3010 Advanced French I
    • French 3080 French Speaking World: Social, Political, and Economic Issues
    • French 3090 French Speaking World: Cultural and Intellectual Life
    • French 3110 WI Interpreting Written Texts in French
    • French 400A W Topics course: Francophone Cultures Through Film and Multimedia
    • French 4010 Senior Seminar in French
    • MUS/FRN 200T Music, Film, and Media of Africa Adult Education Courses
    • Spanish I Spanish II
    • Paris a Capital Experience — Study Tour (2008, 2009)
    • Humor in French Film (2012, 2013)
    • A Journey of Senses in Spain: Music and Cultural Heritage — Study Tour, Carthage Symposium (2015)
    • GNR 675R TP From Colonization to Globalization: The Role of Senegal in the Global Scene and the Impact of Culture, Language, Religion, Education, and Business in its Transformation
    • MLA 675 D Spain, an Intensive Language Study