Paul Ulrich

  • Director, Intellectual Foundations Program; Professor of Political Science
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    Lentz Hall 211

    Paul Ulrich received his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from the University of Chicago, and he came to Carthage in 2004 after teaching previously at the University of Chicago, Kenyon College, and George Washington University. He works mostly on classic thinkers in political philosophy, and he is interested in political readings of literature and drama.

    His publications include “Socrates’ ‘Political Art’ in Plato’s Gorgias” and “Hobbes’s Natural Condition and His Natural Science of the Mind in Leviathan.” He has a long-term project on Plato, Hobbes, and Tocqueville called Politics and Openness which treats key limitations on—and features of—human thought and experience and their consequences for politics.

    • Ph.D., B.A. — University of Chicago
    • GFW 2310 Foundations of American Thought