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Chinese at Carthage


  • Mimi Yang

    Professor of Modern Languages and Asian Studies

    Professor Mimi Yang speaks Chinese, Spanish, and English. As a full professor at Carthage, her current teaching and research fields focus on Spanish/Chinese languages, cross-cultural studies and themes related to international business.

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  • Darwin H. Tsen

    Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

    Professor Tsen earned his doctorate in comparative literature and Asian studies from Pennsylvania State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in comparative literature from The State University of New York (SUNY), Binghamton. He teaches courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Asian Studies.

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  • Yan Wang

    Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Asian Studies

    Professor Yan Wang teaches courses in Japanese, Asian Studies, and Global Heritage. Her research interests include Japanese/Chinese social linguistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, pedagogy and second language acquisition. 

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Target Language Experts

Students studying modern languages at Carthage begin their language instruction with courses taught by native speakers. Target Language Experts, or TLEs, are young university graduates from around the world who are hired by the College to teach introductory language and advanced conversation courses.
Meet the TLEs