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German at Carthage


  • Gregory Baer

    Director, Student Fellowships; Chair, Modern Languages Department; Professor of Modern Languages

    Gregory Baer’s teaching and scholarship center on two primary areas: 20th century German culture and foreign language pedagogy. He teaches courses in German, interpreting written texts, and East German films. He was honored with Carthage’s Distinguished Teacher Award in 2011.

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  • Richard Sperber

    Associate Professor of Modern Languages

    Professor Richard Sperber teaches both German and Spanish at Carthage. His teaching and research interests include colonial and postcolonial studies, Pacific studies, the Spanish Civil War, 19th and 20th century German literature, and 20th century Spanish literature.

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Target Language Experts

Students studying modern languages at Carthage begin their language instruction with courses taught by native speakers. Target Language Experts, or TLEs, are young university graduates from around the world who are hired by the College to teach introductory language and advanced conversation courses.