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Japanese at Carthage

Career Opportunities

Japanese students use their language skills in various careers after graduation. They may teach Japanese in elementary schools, work as an interpreter at government institutions, business companies and hospitals, or teach English in Japan.

After graduation, the students who study Japanese may develop their career in Japan as an English teacher in the programs such as JET or ALT.

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET)

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme invites university graduates from overseas to participate in international exchange and foreign language education throughout Japan. The programme offers university graduates the opportunity to serve in local government organizations as well as public and private primary, junior high and senior high schools.

Assistant Language Teacher Program (ALT)

The Chiba Prefectural Board of Education hires Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) from Wisconsin to assist English teachers in Japan, teaching classes at the middle and junior high school levels. Wisconsin’s ALTs may stay in Japan for a 1- to 3-year period of time, are paid a salary in yen equivalent to about $30,000 annually, and receive substantial benefits and training.

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