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Spanish at Carthage


  • Matt Borden

    Associate Professor of Modern Languages

    Since joining the Carthage faculty, Professor Borden has focused his efforts and research on the areas of Spanish Language Pedagogy, Community Engagement Learning, Interdisciplinary Teaching, Cervantes’ Don Quixote, and Study Tours abroad. He has given nearly forty public presentations at conferences related to these fields, as well as another ten invited lectures under various formats at peer institutions. Among his conferences presentations are fourteen separate international talks in Brazil, China, the Dominican Republic, England, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

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  • Sarah Cyganiak

    Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

    Professor Sarah Cyganiak teaches courses in Spanish and helps organize the annual International Poetry Festival. Before coming to Carthage in 2007, she was an adjunct instructor at Marquette University.

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  • Maribel Morales Martinez

    Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation; Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

    Maribel Morales Martinez joined the Carthage faculty in 2006 after teaching at the Kenosha Unified School District in the Transitional Bilingual Program for three years. At Carthage, she teaches courses in Spanish language, Spanish literature, and the introductory course for Women’s and Gender Studies; promotes multicultural awareness by participating in numerous international events; and is one of the ARISE Equity Coaches. 

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  • Isabel Rivero-Vila

    Associate Professor of Modern Languages

    Isabel Rivero-Vilá came to Carthage in 2004 after teaching Spanish at several institutions in Brittany and Normandy (Lycée de L’Elorn, Lycée Jean d’ Arc, Lycée Coat-Mez) and Colegio Delibes in Salamanca, Spain. She also taught French at the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca and at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. At Carthage, she teaches courses in Spanish and French, serves as advisor to the International Friendship Society, and helps redesign the Modern Languages web pages.

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  • Pascal Rollet

    Professor of Modern Languages

    Professor Pascal Rollet specializes in 19th century French literature and the culture of modern France. He teaches French, Spanish and Carthage Symposium courses on poetry in French or Spanish and music. Since coming to Carthage, he has been committed to the promotion of study abroad, the development of multi-cultural awareness and the use of music in the language classroom.

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  • Richard Sperber

    Associate Professor of Modern Languages

    Professor Richard Sperber teaches both German and Spanish at Carthage. His teaching and research interests include colonial and postcolonial studies, Pacific studies, the Spanish Civil War, 19th and 20th century German literature, and 20th century Spanish literature.

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Additional Faculty

Blanca Munoz
Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages (Spanish)

Target Language Experts

Students studying modern languages at Carthage begin their language instruction with courses taught by native speakers. Target Language Experts, or TLEs, are young university graduates from around the world who are hired by the College to teach introductory language and advanced conversation courses.