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The Carthage Music Department creates challenging, humanizing, transforming and enriching opportunities that advance musical excellence and foster lifelong musical engagement.

Recognizing that the study of music is essential to the full realization of human creativity and expression, the Music Department seeks to:

a. Offer substantial opportunities for the general student to develop the ability to express themselves musically through appreciation courses, performance ensembles, and applied lessons.

b. Provide professional training for music majors who intend to pursue a career in music that is wholly compatible with the College’s liberal arts tradition.

c. Enrich the cultural life of the College and community by presenting a well-supported concert season comprised of world-class guest artists, faculty and student recitals, ensemble concerts, chamber music recitals, and music theatre and opera productions.

d. Assist in proclaiming the Gospel to the campus and world communities through concerts, tours, and music in worship.

e. Provide opportunities for students and faculty to critically engage with musical texts, examining the role of music in society and reflecting on the human condition

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