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Carthage Noyce Scholarship Program

CNS Directors

Professor Julie Dahlstrom

Julie Dahlstrom

Principal Investigator, Physics
Chair, Physics and Astronomy Department
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Prof. Dahlstrom became involved in the effort to recruit greater numbers of physics majors into high school teaching in 2014 when she joined the PhysTEC Physics Teacher Education Coalition. She conducted a physics departmental assessment to better understand the reasons physics students either persist or drop out of the secondary education minor, and subsequently used the results to help craft the Carthage Noyce Scholarship, thereby improving both the numbers of physics students who graduate with teacher licensure as well as the quality and relevancy of their preparation. Prof. Dahlstrom maintains a relationship with the education outreach group at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, to offer additional professional development for CNS scholars. She also is closely involved in planetarium training for CNS scholars and Kenosha Unified in-service teachers. 
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Professor Christine Blaine

Christine Blaine

co-Principal Investigator, Chemistry
Professor of Chemistry

Prof. Blaine will bring expertise to the CNS project through her science outreach work with elementary and middle schools in the Kenosha area. She has developed and delivered multi-week lessons plans for K-8 students around the themes of separation, polymers, solubility, and water quality. During the 2015-16 academic year, she served as a consultant for Lincoln Middle School students as they examined the effects of road salt on grass, soil, and water for the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. Lincoln Middle School was awarded $40,000 for their project. Prof. Blaine has more than eight years of experience in water quality monitoring examining the effect of road salting on the Pike River, a body of water that runs through our campus and into Lake Michigan. She is also a liaison between KUSD schools and Carthage College.
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Professor Andrea Henle

Andrea Henle

co-Principal Investigator, Biology
Assistant Professor of Biology

Prof. Henle has a B.A. in biochemistry from the College of St. Benedict and a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences — immunology from Mayo Graduate School. Prof. Henle can trace much of her initial interest in science back to the outstanding science teacher she had in sixth grade. She is interested in being involved with the Noyce Scholarship Program to help build that same excitement for science teaching at Carthage and promote this rewarding career option to Carthage STEM majors. She strongly believes in helping students of all ages use the scientific method in their daily lives and take the next steps toward becoming informed, scientifically literate citizens. Around Carthage, Dr. Henle is known as the zebrafish person because she uses this small freshwater fish to model and understand the development of cancer.
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Professor Karin Sconzert

Karin Sconzert

co-Principal Investigator, Education
Associate Professor of Education

Prof. Sconzert holds a Ph.D. in education policy from the University of Chicago, and a B.A. in history from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. She has also been a K-12 teacher of history, theatre, and computer applications, and has taught future teachers in Chicago and Philadelphia as well as southeast Wisconsin. At Carthage, Dr. Sconzert teaches courses in secondary education and urban education, a J-Term course for science majors to explore teaching, as well as creating a course (co-taught with a biologist) titled Teaching Evolution: Science, Society, and the Schools. Prof. Sconzert is a trustee of the Kenosha Public Library and a host of “Education Matters,” an interview program on Wisconsin Public Radio WGTD (Kenosha-Racine). She is married to a biologist, and together they are raising a STEM-obsessed seventh-grader.
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Professor Aaron Trautwein

Aaron Trautwein

co-Principal Investigator, Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics

Prof. Trautwein is excited to be part of the Noyce Scholarship Program at Carthage and to see more mathematics majors pursue secondary teaching as their career choice. As an undergraduate at Washington University, he majored in mathematics and secondary education and minored in anthropology planning to teach high school mathematics. He holds a Missouri Lifetime Secondary School Teaching Certificate and hopes to teach mathematics at a high needs high school when he retires from Carthage.
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