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The search for a new team name and mascot for Carthage

After a thorough review, the Carthage College Board of Trustees voted in late August 2020 to immediately retire the athletic team names of Red Men and Lady Reds, along with the mascot Torchie.

We now begin the exciting process of finding a new team name for Carthage! All Carthaginians are invited to participate in this historic moment for the College.

A Collaborative Process

Carthage’s search for a new athletic identity will be led by the Task Force on Team Names and Mascot. This group will partner with students, alumni, faculty, and staff in a multi-phase process that involves:

  • Gathering submissions from the full Carthage community,
  • Offering focus groups and other opportunities for discussion and feedback,
  • Carefully evaluating submissions and selecting finalists, and
  • Sharing those finalists with the Carthage community for additional input.

The Task Force appreciates the honest feedback and insightful comments it has heard from the Carthage community since beginning its work in November 2019. Your voices will continue to be vital to this process every step of the way.

Our goal is to announce our new team name in spring 2021, and have Carthage’s new athletic identity and mascot ready for the fall 2021 season.


Phase 1: Submit your ideas!

Now through Oct. 9, 2020
We want to hear from you! When you think about Carthage — about our 173-year history; the story of ancient Carthage; our ideal location; the breathtaking lake views; and our storied success in athletics and academics — what team name do you envision? Remember: We’ll use six guiding principles as we choose the College’s new athletic identity.  Submit your team name suggestion by 11:59 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9

Phase 2: Task Force reviews all submissions

Oct. 12-Nov. 20, 2020
The Task Force on Team Names and Mascot will get to work reviewing your submissions in mid-October. We’ll review all submissions carefully and share a list of semifinalists before the Thanksgiving break.

Phase 3: Gathering feedback on semifinalists!

December 2020-January 2021
As students and faculty wrap up this very unusual fall semester and begin J-Term, the Task Force will solicit feedback on our semifinalists and thoroughly evaluate each semifinalist’s strengths and opportunities. The Task Force will use your feedback to narrow the list to several finalists. Watch for information on how you can be involved.

Phase 4: Drumroll, please …

Spring 2021
Finalists vetted by the Carthage community will be announced in February. The Task Force will then bring a recommendation to President Swallow, who will in turn present his recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will make a final decision on the College’s new team name. Once a team name is selected and announced, we will begin the next stage: Finding our new mascot!

Important Next Steps

While the College has immediately ceased using Red Men and Lady Reds in official ways, please understand that it will take some time to remove all mentions of these team names from our campus, including merchandise, promotional items, campus signage, uniforms, and other branding. The Athletics Department and Office of Marketing and Communications have already begun this important work.

As for Torchie, we have decided to spend this fall celebrating his “senior year.” We thank all of the students who have donned the Torchie costume to cheer on generations of Carthaginians. Stay tuned for more details on ways you can help mark Torchie’s final days as the College’s biggest fan.

This is no small decision. Carthage’s team name will be an important part of our identity as a college and help to unify our community. We sincerely hope you will join us in making Carthage history.

Go, Carthage!