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Our Team


This is a historic moment for Carthage. We are excited to find a new, unifying team name and mascot, and we want this to be a collaborative process. Here is a timeline of our work so far, and an anticipated timeline for finding a new athletic identity

October 2019-September 2020: Evaluating a Change

October 2019

The idea to form a task force is presented during the meeting of the Carthage College Board of Trustees.

November 2019

Carthage Board Chair Jeff Hamar ’80, with input from Carthage President John Swallow, selects alumni, students, faculty, staff, and Trustees to serve on the task force. President Swallow announces the task force and its members to the Carthage community on Nov. 14.

December 2019

The task force convenes for its first meeting on Dec. 12. The group creates subcommittees for the work ahead.

January 2020

The task force meets to discuss the process and timeline. Activities include interviewing representatives from other colleges that have considered a team name or mascot change; creating a website to keep the Carthage community informed; and developing a survey that can be sent to Carthage students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

February 2020

The task force issues a survey to Carthage students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

April-June 2020

Task Force’s work is briefly interrupted by the College’s shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

July-August 2020

The task force evaluates survey results, seeks additional input, and works toward determining a recommendation regarding whether the current team names and mascot are right for Carthage moving forward.

August 2020

The task force presents its findings to President Swallow and the Board of Trustees. Acting on a recommendation from President John Swallow, the Carthage College Board of Trustees votes in late August to cease using the nicknames Red Men and Lady Reds, as well as the College’s mascot, Torchie.

September 2020

President Swallow announces the Board’s decision to the Carthage community. The Task Force meets to determine a process for collecting new team name suggestions, reviewing submissions, gathering input from the Carthage community, and determining the final selection.

Fall 2020-Spring 2021: Finding our New Team Name

Sept. 21-Oct. 9, 2020

Submission Period!
We want to hear from you! When you think about Carthage — about our 173-year history; the story of ancient Carthage; our ideal location; the breathtaking lake views; and our storied success in athletics and academics — what team name do you envision? Remember: We’ll use six guiding principles as we choose the College’s new athletic identity. Ideas may be submitted through the Our Team website.
Submit your team name and mascot suggestion by 11:59 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9, 2020

Oct. 12-Nov. 20, 2020

Reviewing Submissions
The Task Force on Team Names and Mascot will get to work reviewing all submissions in mid-October. We’ll review all submissions carefully and share a list of semifinalists before the Thanksgiving break.

December 2020-January 2021

Gathering Feedback
As students and faculty wrap up this very unusual fall semester and begin J-Term, the Task Force will solicit feedback on our semifinalists and thoroughly evaluate each semifinalist’s strengths and opportunities. The Task Force will use your feedback to narrow the list to several finalists. Watch for information on how you can be involved.

Spring 2021

Announcing our new team name!
Finalists vetted by the Carthage community will be announced in February. The Task Force will then bring a recommendation to President Swallow, who will in turn present his recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will make a final decision on the College’s new team name. Once a team name is selected and announced, we will begin the next stage: Finding our new mascot.