A welcome letter from President John Swallow

President John Swallow Welcome to Carthage! I know that the weeks to come will bring special moments for your family as your student takes the important step to begin their studies at Carthage.

Please know that our campus community of students, faculty, and staff is especially close-knit and committed to one another. We organize the opening days of move-in and orientation so that our new students — and families too! — are fully welcomed into our cherished community. I am very much looking forward to those opening days, and I hope to see as many members of your family as you wish to bring.

This will be my 30th year of working for small colleges and devoting myself to the wonderful education they can offer. Watching thousands of students proceed through college, two of whom were my own children, I can say that no two students are alike, and no two students have the same hopes and dreams. I can also say that there are some important wishes that students and families at Carthage share in common, and we are committed to fulfilling them.

Those wishes are simple and can be expressed as a special combination of “both/and.” That our students become independent AND dependable. That they become self-reliant AND reliable. When they do, they earn the respect of others. They become the ones others seek out for solutions, depend on for guidance, and count on to follow through. They become what I call practical heroes: the sort of people we all turn to when the job needs doing or the going gets tough. Whether it is in the workplace, the family, or the house of worship, these are the qualities that I know build up powerful and effective communities, and those are the qualities we seek to instill and develop at Carthage.

Your student’s journey on this path will require all of us working together. Each of us has a role. First, your student, who will commit the time and energy to their learning and development in their chosen field. Second, our faculty and staff, who will provide teaching and help and guidance along the way. And finally, family members like you, who will offer support and encouragement, and — if needed — a firm and yet loving word. We are all partners in the building up of our students, and I look forward to doing so together.

Between now and this fall, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Our goals include as smooth a transition as possible for all of our families and as successful a journey through college as possible for all of our students. Even after the semester begins, please do not hesitate to join us on campus by visiting your student, attending Family Weekend or Christmas Festival, cheering at an athletic event, enjoying a theatrical or musical performance, or just taking in the serene beauty of this campus on the lake. Our campus community welcomes you.

Thank you for choosing Carthage. I look forward to meeting you shortly!

Warmest wishes,

John Swallow

A welcome letter from Nick Winkler

Nick Winkler Hello, and welcome from the Office of Student Life! My name is Nick Winkler, and I am the dean of students at Carthage.

Right now, our team is on campus working diligently in preparation for your student’s arrival. That includes preparations for New Student Orientation, which is just the beginning of your student becoming part of the Firebird family!

Staff in the Office of Student Life focus their time and energy on creating community, supporting students, and empowering students for success. The Office of Student Life includes a number of areas that will be important resources for your student throughout their Carthage years. Below is a list of each office and links to explore their websites:

If your student has questions about Carthage events, living in the residence halls, commuting to campus, joining a student organization, or anything else about life at Carthage, our staff can help.

On behalf of the Office of Student Life team, we look forward to welcoming your student to campus!

Nick Winkler
Dean of Students

A letter from Ashley Hanson

Ashley Hanson Ashley Hanson Hello,

My name is Ashley Hanson, and I am the vice president for enrollment at Carthage. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you at Carthage admissions events, and I had the honor of personally signing your student’s acceptance letter! This fall, we are anticipating one of our largest, if not the largest, new incoming freshman class, with over 760 first-year students and 75 transfer students. Our new students are an impressive group of young adults, and we’re thrilled they have decided to launch their careers at Carthage.

Summer is a busy time for our incoming students. Over the next few months, students will find out their room assignments, learn the names of their roommates, and receive their class schedules. We want to provide you with as much information as possible as your family gets ready for move-in weekend.

The Parent Connection e-newsletter will be sent monthly, filled with important reminders and helpful tips for your student’s orientation to Carthage.

At the end of May, I joined my colleagues, the Carthage faculty, and hundreds of proud family members in a unique ceremony to watch the Carthage Class of 2023 receive their diplomas. I can remember their first days at Carthage: They were nervous, excited, and exhilarated at all the opportunities in front of them. It is always rewarding for me to watch those same students begin their next adventure with such success.

Now we look forward to welcoming a new group of talented and passionate Carthaginians! I have spent the last 16 years of my career at Carthage, I know first-hand the value of the education and experience your student will have over the next four years. Your student has made an excellent choice in Carthage, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome you into the Carthage community.

Have a great summer and be proud of your student. I know we are!

Ashley Hanson
Vice President for Enrollment